SF3, SVC2, and Naruto 4 Lan April 7th at Web2Zone in New York City

Lansomnia is an event held every begin of the month on Friday. Each event has been a staple of the PC community for a while. It is time that the console gaming step up and announce their return to Lan Parties. We are strong guys and we work hard to make things happen. Web2Zone has given me ( Alexander Johnathan Strife ) the oppurtunity to present you gamers with something more then just Tournaments is something that comes very far and few. With that I am happy to announce the BIGGEST Lan I have personally ever done.

Here is what we will be playing:

Halo ( yes THE Halo)
Halo 2 ( Complete with gametypes made by me )
Mario Kart Double Dash ( fun time with the mario )
Super Smash Brothers Melee ( wavedash and sheik ownage )
Street Fighter 3 ( for all my 2-d fans )
SNK vs Capcom 2 (painting the fence one newb at a time )
Naruto 4 ( gamecube import)
Tekken 5 ( for my 3-d Ps2 lovers )
Dead or Alive 4 ( cant be a lan without the next gen )

Now my goal for this event is 30 people. I am asking all my gamer boys and girls to show up and support. We are stronger as a whole and for things to be really different we need to really say WE ARE GAMERS and support all events we can.

Throughout the Lan there will be prizes given out throughout the day. These prizes include Controllers, headsets, gift cards, and more. Also, Food will be given at midnight in the form of some pizza.

Everyone I hope to see you there.

Layter Dayz

Alex Strife

Friday, April 7, 2006, 9:00 PM

web2zone (Internet Cafe & Video Game Center)
54 Cooper Sq (Cafe Area)
New York , NY 10003

Event fee:

$20.00 per person

If you want to know more im me at Lightxdream on Aim or email me at AlexStrife@aol.com.

The website with this information is http://halo.meetup.com/18/events/4867305/

Just as a heads up, it’s Capcom vs Snk2, not SvC2.

I’d fix that up if I were you, it’d easily bring in more folks.

That, and Smash alone will likely OUTNUMBER the entire rest of the games combined.

And I’m very much there.


spread the word my friend

oh what about mvc2

( this is alex Strife my account has been acting up so I decided to make a new one )

MVC2 is a Game that is hard to find. For PS2 it was taken off selves early and has since been discontinued. Since the game is popular, however, it will be provided as long as someone brings the game. Currently four games are not on that list that WILL be there. Those include:

SF2 ( all incarnations including hyper, alpha, and turbo)

Well then let’s see what the 3sers of Manhattan got 'cause i’m gonna try my hardest to go and see how i stack up against the best in the city so all the best i’m calling you out! too bad i’ll get owned but hey i’ll have fun

Sf3 is SF3: 3s right?

Yes it is^^

Be careful with web2zone. My crew (DA, part of empire arcadia) hosted the gauntlet tourney there saturday. They took over completely, ran things like shit, and instituted a bullshit ruleset. Also, good luck getting chairs. They don’t even have two per TV. Also they have SUPER laggy plasma screens. good luck though

Alex: Why didnt you ask someone in EA to help you out with the event like bringing people out and stuff? It looks like you got a good thing going with this.

Well to be honest no one contacted me and I felt that in order to do things we need to really get on the ball. Also I dont know EA that well so me asking such a task is a little extreme

You don’t need to know the Empire we are here for the community of gamers. However I can understand that “you” need to do this, so we’ll just give you our support and attend the event.

If cvs2’s a definite on that list, I’ll be more than happy to show up for this.


Good luck on the event man :tup:


wow…all of a sudden everyone wants to talk to me…just curious how did you hear bout me triforce?..Also I do not mind help but I want to really spread out my wings and really provide for this place because for me Web2Zone is the only lounge in NYC that I like that is not in a dangerous area nor unequipped for tournament play. Its a place where you can be calm or play seriously and thats what I like. For me as a potential worker there and promoter I just want the best turn out and the most fun and, like I said, help is good but I want to really see what I got first.

I will not get into a war about this but I will defend a place we true gamers have. Web2Zone, from all the research and each side, did what was needed. I would rather discuss this with Wes and his crew but I know about the entire situation and I heard and confirmed that it was a misunderstand due to DA members who broke ( in my view ) the biggest rule of tournaments which is never host a tournament your in. The main point, though, is that a few things happened (which again I rather talk on the phone or in person) on DA’s side which caused that entire outcome.

With that said I want to say this. NYC has lounges far in between. And for me the only good lounges are Web2Zone, ParallaxLan, and NY Net Cafe. I know there is one or two more but those are minor and will be gone in a short months. To me these three are here to stay. I do not think posting on Forums and bashing these places will do any good. It is always best to work things out in advance and not do things last min, for one, and two, always be respectful because they are helping gamers out and doing the best they can. Do not go in their and demand everything and not expect a thing to be returned. You have to meet with people half way because it is the respectful ( and in my view Professional way) to get things done. You should of talked with W2Z and have those problems sorted out. Also, keep in mind that people have to be there for the tournaments that are staff. It is not fair ( as i heard) to have a staff member there til 1am when the tournament, and the lounge, is suppose to close at 11pm. I know you guys are angry but you need to have better work ethics and also increase communication with these centers for the optimal amount. Remember there arent that many lounges that can

A-) hold 50-100 console gamers
B-) can shut down their buisness for the tournaments.

So please keep that in mind and if you want to talk to me on the phone about it ( which is more professional and more easier to interpt) then my cell is 646 769 0992.

if my sig doesnt say it i will

Layter Dayz

Yeah man the only reason I visited this was bc I saw SVC2…I was like “Oh really???” lol.

my bad about that I know its CVS2 but I just got so used to calling it that cause of a friend lol. Anyways you should come if your near by dark

Greetings Alex Strife

Let me formally introduce myself, you know who I am so lets move pass that. I heard about you through NYClan which like many teams, clans and units that are spread throughout the city. The Empire keeps a close eye on everything in the Empire State. It is the only way to work efficiently with the community. The purpose of Jeron and I post was to ask you if you needed help “getting” more people to your event.

I have views about the community and who it works with which I reserve and I completey understand where you are coming from when you say you want to “spread your wings”. Unfortunately I simply disagree with that concept…as the community is not about any one particular person trying to find out their personal reach in something that they want to do. However…at last that is just my opinion on the matter. Either way…we will meet face to face come the day of your event and if possible talk. Like I told Phil…my actions will have to speak for me, as my words are always misunderstood.

As for the DA issue…you do not understand the full matter of the issue because you were not there when the agreement was put together by Empire Arcadia and web2zone…the business arrangement, with a paper trail. You only know a portion of it. Trust me. There is a lot behind the scene.

Again as far as DA. I know the entire story but would rather talk in person to the people invovled ( such as wes ) and resovle that matter. Also, I am really wondering how you found about NYClan, let alone me ( what can I say I wanna know if you heard good things or bad about me…like most of us do )

As far as everything else. My phone number is on there. So I say give me a call if you want to dicuss things.