SF3, SVC2, and Naruto 4 Lan April 7th at Web2Zone in New York City

dc + burned copies of marvel = marvel solution.

There we go :slight_smile: MvC2 is a go. Any Takers?

Well you’ll find out from Wes the matter at hand in detail. As for how I know you…its niether good or bad…I just make it my business to know as much about my surrounding as possible. However I can say this…you did come up in a meeting by some business owners in NYC that I have had meetings with.

Well you have my # why dont you call me and we can talk about this

TFGM said it all.

But one thing: shut down their business? Sorry you really aren’t informed here.

I think I know more then you. Secondly you are shutting down their business in order to have an event. Common sense…learn it

They have customers there all day while we have our tournaments. We only use the downstairs and a small seciton of the upper level. The rest is open for business the whoel day. Why don’t you go look down your nose at someone else punk.

Its easy to say that over the net, something so temporary and minor should not be permeated over the net like this.

Even if Web2Zone did your company dirty, you should have more class and integrity on the matter. Instead of passing judgment on someone that had nothing to do with it, you should move on to pursue better things.

ima beast on chibi since I get to use my stick bring it !

yeah there will be cvs2 better show up !


umm… I stated facts, he told me to learn commen sense, implying that my facts were untrue when he had NO idea what was going on.

Also, your use of the word “permeated” makes you seem extremely pretentious. It’s BARELY applicable to what you’re talking about. Seems to me like a stretch to use a word that’ll make you seem like you have more “class” and “integrity”.

And finally: Why get involved? I wasn’t talking to you. In fact, this wasn’t even an argument until mr. Strife decided to start talking down to me. Why don’t you “permeate” the thread with a post about that.

I took that in a way that says that I do not know the story when I do. Also, what I was referring to the business was their console business. If you close down the entire console section for a tournament, whether a good turn out or bad, it is still closing down other options to play different games for a specific gaming tournament or event.

I think that we should talk about this on Aim or on the phone

Lightxdream is my aim
646 769 0992 is my cell

To get straight to the point:

Alex is hosting an event so everyone can have a great time and in my opinion at a great place. Sure things have happened that went wrong there but things like that happen all the time anywhere.

About the beef, Alex was ENTIRELY wrong to directly put you down like that, but his reasoning was that he is proud to be a representative of W2Z and when you said he doesn’t know what he’s talking about - you INDIRECTLY offended him. Did Alex have a lame reason? Yeah, somewhat.

But my problem is - why did you even rant about W2Z when this is a tournament and events thread to begin with?

Sure gamers do it all the time and they have a right to, but since YOU claim to be an “activist” of the community sometimes you have to bite your tongue PUBLICALLY (which includes this website) and let things ride out because ethically speaking you want gamers to have a fair view of ALL VENUES AND EVENTS. Secondly, while it didn’t work out for you - it may work out for others. But ultimately, your utmost responsibility is to ALLOW the community to grow and what you’re doing/saying undermines that.

Ill take this to PMs to avoid spamming up the thread any further