SF3 third strike.. definitive version?

The game was originally released for dreamcast. What is the version that people play today, including at tournaments, etc? Is the SF anniversary edition the definitive version of SF3 for now or is the dreamcast still recommended to learn this game?

The anniversary edition is the one used in various tournaments. You can also play it through CPS3 and GGPO.

Wasn’t it reported that AE 3s was a different speed altogether than the Dreamcast version?

Either way, it seems even if simply due to convenience that AE 3s would be the definitive version at this point.

dreamcast had no unblockables and input delay

ps2 3s and urien are BFF’s

The game was originally released for arcades, on the CPS3 board. This intial version A contained unblockable attack setups. It is the definitive version.

Capcom released an update patch, version B, that “fixed” (ie. removed) the unblockables, but it was disliked by the player base.

The Dreamcast port was based on version B. I have no idea close it is to being arcade-perfect to that version, but nobody cares anyway.

The PS2 and Xbox ports were both based on version A. They are very similar to the arcade version; some poeople say it’s perfect, but there is a (small) list of (mostly minor) discrepancies. Very experienced players do notice the difference. The PS2 is by far the most prolific tournament console for that generation, so it is the system of choice for console tournaments. There has always been minor debate that the Xbox version is slightly better, and it does have (poor) online play, but nobody cares anyway.

A more recent option has been emulating the arcade version on your computer. Even this doesn’t run arcade-perfect, but it’s as close as it gets to the real thing. Note that GGPO and 2DF provide (very good) online play.

How does it not run arcade-perfect on emulation?

Just because an emulator is not an arcade board, so depending on the performance of the PC it’s running on there will be slight discrepancies in framerate and, subsequently, input windows compared to the arcade version. On a decent machine (and with a good connection if playing online) the difference should be all but imperceptible to anyone except madmen and Umeharas :stuck_out_tongue:

That is not true, below a certain margin there would be absolutely 0 gameplay difference. Not even imperceptible difference. No difference. This is easily achievable at the moment.


SO please enlighten me, o exalted keeper of the absolute, what is the difference between “imperceptible” and “none”?

arcade 3s (ver A) is the only way to play 3s for those who want to play the game 100% the way it was meant to be played. for training mode and casual practice, ps2 3s is fine.

ps2 3s is not 3s

I still feel the Dreamcast 3s was more polished than any of the other versions from a quality control standpoint. (Then again, the Dreamcast was a gaming titan)

From graphics, to audio quality it just felt more “complete” to me. (Notice the way the stage tracks switched when rounds ended/started). It’s why it’s my favorite “home version”.

And Evo.

A gameplay difference exists but cannot be appreciated by a player? No one could be able to tell of a 1 frame error that only happens like 10% of the time, but it would be there. No difference = no difference.

People get really bothered about even the tiniest deviation from “arcade perfection” though. I know I may seem pedantic, but its happened before that people read some incidental post worded like yours and think the emulation of a certain game isn’t perfect.

Thanks for that… I already tried the arcade rom on my computer and that runs great, even works with my HRAP pro 3 stick. Only problem is I cant learn much from it as it’s an arcade rom with no training or casual play. I was trying to run it through MAME online with kaillera which was a total bust. I will try GGPO, maybe that is easier to find matches that work.

http://cheat.retrogames.com/ <-- MAME cheats, will allow you to make a ghetto training mode for yourself.

Don’t bother with Kaillera. If you can’t get GGPO working, try 2df.

^Playing on Mame is a fate worse than Aids.

Use this for a ghetto training mode.

Yeah, Fallot is definitely right in a sense.

Barring computer shit like glitches or bugs with the emulator itself, or wanton background interference from other programs, or just plain having insufficient hardware, emulating the arcade ROM should be identical to the actual arcade board for all real intents and purposes. Emulators for arcade fighting games in general tend to have a little input delay and run at slightly incorrect speeds, but the best emulators have cut these problems down to the point where they’re essentially negligible and pretty close to imperceptible.

To me the PS2 AE plays much better then the DC version.