SF3 Third Strike: Questions from a complete newbie

I’ve just got Third Strike Online for 360, and am just starting out with the game. I’m coming from being a basic player in SSF4AE, and I’m aware of the steeper learning curve involved here. My questions are this:

  1. I’ve been using Cammy as my main in SSF4 because of her simpler inputs, and I tend to be a fan of rushdown play. What character should I use in 3? I’ve been trying out a whole bunch of different characters, and I’m open to any suggestions.

  2. Given the hardcore base there is for this particular game, should I even attempt playing online yet? I’m worried that the skill level is so high that it will be difficult to really glean anything from play.

Thank you for any advice and tips.

Are you on Xbox? I just got it as well.

  1. Yun, Makoto, Dudley, Ken

  2. no reason to not play it online, its very rare to find someone who is significantly better you, its either people who have just picked up the game, people who have had the game for a bit but dont practice and ufcgym

LMAO UFCGYM!!! he always AFK…

1.) try out all the characters and find out which you like IMO. For basics, use Ken as you can’t go wrong with him.

2.)since the game had a sale, most likey new player will show up as well. Plus, online is where you get better. First know you character and BnB combos in training mode, then test it online. As well as remember character match up along the way. IMO, don’t play to win, but to get better.

  1. some good rushdown characters are ken, makoto, dudley, yang, akuma. i’m not a big sf4 player but from what i understand, cammy is based on ambiguous dive kick pressure, which leads into a hitconfirm into knockdown with spiral arrow. the closest thing to that in third strike is probably yang. his dive kick can cross up, and he has relatively safe pressure either into (ex) rekka.

  2. hardcore, experienced players are rare online, but that doesn’t mean you should just hop on. it’s better to go online only when you have a plan first. look up some japanese matches with characters you’re interested in to help you decide which one to use. then learn some bnb combos, and basic application of moves. it’s important to get these things in place before having to worry about what the other guy is doing.

one of the first videos I watched as a new 3s player when OE came out was this, and I found it really helpful:

this is a good place to start gaining an understanding of the 3s wakeup game and how you should approach defense in general and knockdown offense. if you keep playing you may find it worthwhile to post footage and questions on the third strike forum. there’s a bunch of strong players there who are generally pretty cool people and can help a lot.

I’d say the learning curve of 3s is not that hard. you just have to get a feel for the game and take mental notes when your habits from SF4 get punished in SF3. they are definitely different games but SF3 is also relatively easy to get into IMO. keep playing and have fun. :slight_smile: