SF3 Tier"What if"Question

There was a thread made in the main section about tweaking certain characters to make the game more balanced. Well im not here to encourage such a useless topic but it has got me to thinking about something. If Chun didnt have SA2, and Yun didnt have SA3 were do u think they would fall into the rest of the cast?

This thread probably won’t even survive here considering its been done several times already, although people in the 3s forums seem to have short memories. Just look back a bit.

WHat would they have instead?


Yun-That shitty super in cvs2 where he calls out Yang and does this fancy combo. 2 stocks!

Chun-Li-Hazan Tenshou kyaku

err, chuns sa3 is already the hazan tenshou replacement/re-imagination… so maybe she’d have a SNK-style ranbu

/me waits to close thread

oh cmon, please don’t

Wow got neg rep for no good reason, sorry it was just a question. If i didn’t see a similar one from a back ago then I apologize…but I wasn’t creating this as a “flame bait” or anythign it was just a sincere "what if"question.

Chun-Li is still pretty damn good without SA2. Probably has the best set of normals in the game.

I actually think Chun-Li and Yun’s best supers should be banned. No joke. They’ve turned the game’s balance over on it’s side.

If Yun didn’t have Genei Jin he would be an okay-but-boring character. His SA2 lets him use his EXs and give him a reliable reversal attack. He can still get damage off of mixups from his dive kick, his pretty good pokes, etc.
He could use cr. LK, cr.LK, his command grab, and his target chain to hit confirm into SA2, and just land it after parries n shit.

I dunno what Chun-Li would use. On one hand, SA1 is…okay, could serve her as an anti-air in some cases, but only has 1 bar. SA3 is really bad but would let her use her EXs. Chun-Li players can pick either one. She doesn’t need her supers. Her pokes give her an answer to anything and her kara-throw range is huge. At worst she’d be around mid tier as well. I bet that with some excellent footsie skills she could be upper mid.

Yun and Chun dominate high level play so hard that I think these changes would work just fine. It seems like the main reasons people want to keep them around are because

  1. They already tier whored Yun and Chun
  2. They just want to keep things the way they are already, no matter how broken some aspects are, even when those aspects can be easily removed
  3. They like the satisfaction of beating Yun and Chun (wtf lol)

Banning is for pussies. Look what happens with PC gaming. They’re so used to crying that anytime anything remotely “overpowered” comes about, their first response is to bitch instead of adapt. The antibiotic mentality is only good to a certain extent…sometimes you gotta train yourself to tough it out instead of shedding tears.

With the removal of Chuns SA2 and Yuns SA3 , Ken would have no bad ,or even fair, matchups . As a Ken player myself , I shouldnt mind this , but with no uphill battles , wheres the fun? Id prolly switch ofr a bit , to Hugo , Denjin Ryu or Maybe even SA1 chun ( shes not that bad , and quite fun ), and perhaps others would change to their seconds as well.

Actually , more tournaments should be held this way ( Like Gvision was sposed to for a while , but never really happened ) , it would put some new life into the game.

Ken would beat chun , since she cant space with cr.mk ( iirc her SA1 wont hit that much from full cr.mk distance ) , but against an EX-using yun , it would be all new ( rarely do ken players fear a fast ex shoulder\lunge\rising from Yun.

Makoto would prolly beat chun too now , and Yun as well , but the tiers would defo change. Ken , Mak , Duds , Urien , Yang , Chun , Yun and maybe even Ryu in the top tier?

Im holding a tournament in July , but since most players ( myself included ) are far from veterans , forcing this rule wouldnt really change much im afraid , but i wouldnt mind trying it.

Wow , thats a lot of swada for something theoretical. but if two “broken” characters are banned in ST ( Akuma and O sag , yeah i know soft ban etc ) why cant 2 supers ( not even characters ) be banned for a while to make things fresh and new?

This game’s been out for almost 10 years. It’s not really a matter of adapting, like we don’t know what we have to look out for when we fight Chun-Li or Yun, its that we can’t do a damn thing about what we’re looking out for.

That’s a gross exaggeration. Their supers are FAR from unstoppable.

Far from? Well , true , but they do dictate their playstyle , and why other chars should fear them. Percentage-wise , they make up a huge portion of who Chun and Yun are in the game.

Supers basically dictate 3s. Only exceptions would be Oro ( insane super , but still very conditional ) and Makoto ( well , she is Top tier , or just outside ) , and the only reason Ken isnt top is basically his SA3 damage. Allright so chun outpokes and spaces Ken , but if his 3bar super matched chuns damage , then dang , he would be an unstoppable force more or less.

Not coz he could get in more , in theory , but coz cr.mk xx mp.SRK xx shippu would do 50% + damage , and alltho his cr.mk isnt broken like chuns , it would be a huge threat always.

Actually , Ken could do much better spacing against Chun if he could use his cr.HK without the fear of a reversal ( not the timing , as she has like 9 frames to punish) SA2.

Chun would then have to rely on her standing normals ( which ARE good ) and karathrow ( which is always a force to be reckoned with ) . It would be far from a easy victory for Ken , but TONS easier when not dealing with SA2.

well i got some issues and since someone else put this up, allow me to contribute.

give yun makoto’s dash instead of that gay hop.
when makoto does a fukiage make her raise the OTHER hand and make it invincible for 1 frame.

there i said it.

Well in last years SBO it was low tier team of Necro,Urien,Yang up agaisnt Chun,Yun,Makoto for the finals. Oddly enough Chun and Yun were defeated but Makoto is the one whom secured the victory for the team.

ibuki should have a air raida

o yea…and a gun.

Seeing as this thread hasn’t gone to hell, I’ll chime in with my 2 cents real quick…

The problem with Chun and Yun, or their respective supers, is they have no weak matchups. I think thats a big reason why 3s doesn’t balance out the same way ST does. When a character at worst has 1 or 2 5-5 matchups, that’s pushing the boundaries of broken.