SF3 Trail Tier list


Im new to using my arcade stick and trying to learn from links and what not and Im trying to figure out what trails are good from easiest to hardest. Never saw a discussion like this (I will be posting this on basically on all threads to help me out) and I would appreciate if possible vanilla games be included. Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Tier List for trails?
Tier list for Missions?

You mean trials?

Also, I don’t really think you’ll get much out of this thread. It’s like lined up in a list of it’s own from beginner to more complicated in the game. So I don’t see what the issue is.


Yeah, I’m assuming you’re talking about trials too.

Anyway, the trials basically have nothing to do with actually playing the game, they’re just there to see if you can do this and that, not for any sort of pratical value or teaching you the game. Most of the comboes are shit and the handicap trials teach you nothing about survivability or something like that. I guess they could sort of teach you what you can do with the game’s juggle system and the general overall combo abilities of the characters, but that’s still kinda not the point of them. But so, they usually go in order from easiest to hardest, top to bottom, altough some of the “easier” can be a bit iffy, like Sean #3 and such.

If you wan’t to learn to play the game, go watch some tutorials like C-Royd Teaches 3rd Strike or something and lurk this forum.


Ibuki and 12 #5 are really easy, start with those first. Then the next one up but still very easy is Necro #5


vanilla games…:confused: