sf3 wallpaper


i can’t find a wallpaper i like to go on my new windows7 net pc.
i have been trying to make my own but not having much success.

i decided to adapt my old sf3 widescreen remix mock ups , here is the first one:

on desktop:

i think this is ok but still not right.
i think it needs some fx or some kind of bells and whistles.


I love these mockups!

Makes me really wish a HD(NOT REMIXED!) version of 3s was released to XBL and PSN.Send them to Capcom and give em some food for thought.

Also you said this is your first,is there going to be more?As a wallpaper I think maybe that acid green is a bit too much.I like the character select screen you did before,I remember using that as my desktop wallpaper for a while.


yeah, i was thinking about using the other mock screen assets to do other wallpapers.

i posted my desktop so you can see how i like my icons.
that character select screen doesnt work on my desktop.
i had an idea about using it though…