SF3 without input lag (offline)

Hi guys can you reccomend a good emulator without input delay (or barely noticeable)to practice OFFLINE?i’ve read here that any version of MAME isn’t good at all(3 frames of delay OFFLINE).Now i’m trying FBA029705 but it doesn’t have cheats (to simulate training mode) and I don’t know how to configurate the emulator…am I forced to use original cabinet resolution (I don’t know what it is)or can I improve the image in some way (high resolution , scanlines ,triple buffering ecc.)WITHOUT causing input lag?i’ve read that also some monitors (who must upscale the image)or sticks could cause input delay , is it true?Thanks , and excuse me for my bad english

You can use GGPO offline, you just need to run the exe in Program Files\GGPO.

Thanks drunkninja ,but I don’t think it has cheats(infinitelife , infinite time , ecc)to practice combos…I tried MAME but it’s hard to hitconfirm on it because it’s very laggy…do you know a version of FBA that supports cheats for sf3 and have less lag?

I’ve done this before, what you’re looking for is Final Burn Alpha Shuffle. Have fun.

What I found that I play with is not just a regular mame program but rather a cps-3 emulator only. The reason why is that all of the sf3 I found that worked on mame I ran into the same problems and it seems the game was made on a different program set. there are others too like jo jo bizare adventure, red earth that are all great games. try hunting down that emulator and you wont be sorry

Thanks guys , fbashuffle is a great emulator!!!