SF30AC Not Full Screen

On a 4K TV at 1080p SF30AC splash screen displays full-screen, but starting with the Capcom credits onward, there is a black border around everything else—credits, menus, all games.

Any idea why?

Did you go through the game options? IIRC, there are options to make it full screen, but it stretches it as the original games were made for 4:3 CRTs

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Yes, I’m familiar with the options for original, full, and wide screen.

I’m saying there’s a border around the entire image regardless. That border is not there on the splash screen and not there for any of the videos uploaded to YouTube.

Sounds like the 90s when laser discs regularly had “original thearticsl aspect ratio versions”, the fans/snobs bought it so much that it was rare to have a “pan and scan” Laser Disc version.

However most VHS owners were average joes/hicks. The felt cheated when their screen isn’t filled.

My counter argument: play Ms Pac Man for the Genesis. You can’t see the whole maze. So you won’t know where certain ghosts are. It’'s hstd to strategize against the random ( even though there a position based patterns for 3 of the 4, and the 4th has 2 position variables)

If the arcade version is the “canonical” version, then the Genesis version would have been more correct than it actually is if black bars would have been put on both sides, and the whole maze could be seen at once.

Thanks. I think.

Someone outside this forum suggested that it’s the resolution at which its running; some resolutions are, obviously, not multipliers of others.

I’m running at 1080p. Anyone running at another?

I don’t think it’s so much the resolution as it is the dimensions of the screen. You might try to change up the console screen settings.