Sf3s Announcers

In the FFA ( Family Fun Arcade) Ranking Battles what does the guy mean by
" Ume" :wonder:

Well…Ume technically means the person playing the defensive role in Aikido. The person that is being thrown. So I guess ume would be thrown out by him whenever someone is playing a good defensive game. Unless they’re using it for a totally different meaning. Nage is the person that is playing the offensive role in Aikido. So everytime someone gets thrown in like the KSK/FFA ranbats, Kokujin or Rockerfella will usually say “Nage”.

Ume = psychic

Ah ok. Makes sense. So it’s like when he talks about Jesus block and stuff. Just being able to predict where everything is coming from.

Ume -> Umehara -> Daigo Umehara -> fools getting DP’ed all over the place :looney:

This was the explanation I’d heard as well. Daigo’s “psychic” dragon punch that he pulls out on people by getting in their heads.

As for nage, it just means throw in Japanese. If you listen to the KSK ranbats, they say it all the time.

it’s not just for dp’s. It’s for anything that’s thrown out pretty much that NO one would think of. One crazy one was Amir (Chun) with 2 full stocked, lands one super, resets, i think did overhead, which was blocked, waited for a split second, then just threw out super, which hit.

So pretty much psychic moves. I guess Umehara was the guy who made it popular though.

I thought Nage was the name of the throw that all the shotos use. I only hear people saying it when Ken does his throw. My friend has the strat guide so I was browsing through the Ken section and it said that Ken’s throw was called ‘Seoi Nage’. Same with Ryu and Akuma. Sean’s is ‘seoi throw’.

Nah, they just use it for throws. Watch a KSK ranbat where a chun has someone in the corner, and throws them a lot, because they’re scared of low foward.

They should really start calling it “Valle” after his fierce DP stunts in RB2.2.

haha this reminds me, when the FFA MC rockefeller refer to fierce and RH as “thigh punch, and thigh kick” and i was wondering why he referred to them as such.

I was thinking he called RH thigh kick because it looked like it hit the other guy in the thigh? Then I realized he was really saying dai kick and dai punch after I started hearing the Japanese Ranbat MC’s say it.

Oh and on the topic of Ume, there’s an awesome vid of daigo playing sf2, as ryu if i recall correctly. Anyways, he runs up and dp’s his opponent 4 times in a row. The very essence of ume right there. If anyone has a link please post it up!

The FFA guys (or at least Rockefeller) seem to have a bunch of their own terms for things. Parry = tech, UOH = leap attack, etc. Doesn’t really bother me, except sometimes I forget that by “leap attack” he means UOH and not just a jump-in.

those are probably the japanese terms, i’m assuming. For example, if you go to system direction options in ps2 3s the UOH is referred to as “leap attack.”

You’re all… Kinda right.


Yeah. Which makes it weird that he can’t pronounce “Ryu” correctly.

For what it’s worth, the Japanese call parrying “blocking” rather than “teching.” It’s not uncommon for Japanese announcers to say “burokkingu” or just shorten it to “buro”.

Rockefeller is saying “DAI kick,” not “thigh kick.” Dai is a Japanese prefix for “large.” Likewise, you’ll often hear “chuu kick” or “chuu punch” for medium attacks. Low shorts, particularly rapid-fire ones like the shotos’, are called “shaku” to imitate the sound effect.

Super Arts names are typically shortened or contracted by Japanese announcers. For example, Brave Dance is simply called Brave, while Shippu Jinrai Kyaku is often contracted to Shinrai. Of course, this applies to special moves too: Hadou, Shoryu, Tatsu.

As mentioned before, “nage” is the generic term for a throw. Karathrows are called “ido-nage.” Strange that we use a Japanese word for our term while they use a different one.

And just for the hell of it, they call crossups “mekuri” and chip damage “kezuri.”

For more in-depth Japanese terms, go to Mopreme’s blog and check out the May 27 entry: http://mopreme.livejournal.com/ .

Oh right, many people can’t read the hiragana on Mopreme’s site. Here:

360 - ikkaiten
720 - nikaiten
air throw - kuuchuu nage
antiair - taikuu
guard reversal - kakutei hangeki
body hit - harayarare
command throw - command nage
charge (as in sonic boom / flash kick) - tame
charge partitioning - tame bunkatsu
chip damage - kezuri
corner - gamen bashi
crossup - mekuri
crouching - shagami
** extra damage because of crouching - shagami counter (my addition)
double hit (trade) - aiuchi
footsies - ashi barai
ground-air state (?) - kuuchuu hantei joutai
ground combo - chijou combo
ground crossup (over body) - ura mawari
ground crossup (under jump) - kuguru
head hit - atama yarare
hit confirm - hit kakunin
hold (a direction) - ireppa
instant air parry - nobori blocking

juggle combo - kuuchuu combo

karathrow - ido-nage
kara UOH - ido-leap
kara DP - ido-shoryu
knocked back - yoku buttobi
knockdown - down
knocked into the air - ue futtobi
landing (from a jump) - chakuchi
life bar - tairyoku guage
link - no-cancel
meaty - jizoku ate
mid attack (blockable high and low) - joudan
mixup/trick - feint
50/50 mixup - nitaku
33/33/34 mixup - santaku
neutral - neutral (heh…)
normal moves - tsuujou waza
overhead - chuudan
projectile - tobidougu
psychic/random - buppa nashi
recovery/advantage - koukasa
read/predict - yomi
rushdown - ganzeme
scrub - panpii
setup - renkei
special moves - hissatsu waza
stand close - kinkyori tachi
stand far - enkyori tachi
standing Gigas - tachi Gigas
startup - kougeki hassei
stun bar - stun guage
super arts - SA
super meter - SA guage
super bar amount - stock suu
super flash/freeze - gamen anten
superjump cancel - highjump cancel

throw - nage
throw whiff - nage sukari
tick (with a light attack) - shou pan
trap (can’t move) - katame
tripguard (can’t/can block) - chakuchi no suki ga ari/nai
turtle (blocking all day) - gan (gun?) guard
turtle (just waiting) - machi
unblockable - guard funou (** I’ve also seen it referred to as hame)
vulnerable - suki
wakeup (getting up) - oki agari
whiff - kara buri
whiffed hits (not all) - kasu atari

Sukari, not sukai :P. I have no idea what word it represents, though. Scurry? Doesn’t make much sense.

Haha, my bad. Fixed.

thats what they were called before the us knew about daigo then he fell out of the scene for a bit and ume took over