SF3S Dudley Avatar Request

I’ve been usin good ol’ voltron for like… 3 years now, and people tell me it’s time to change. Dudley is my favorite 3s Character, I’d like one with him doin somethin, heh. If he’s beating someone up make it ken, chun-li or alex.

Something with cross-counter would be cool too.

Anyway, that’s about it, don’t make an iPod one please, there’s simply too many of them ><

…That’s been done, too. Maybe you should ask someone in their threads.

just advice…

…this went…well.


ninja please…

teh chunkz is strong in this one…

hmmmm…and that guy wants a new av. Makes sense.

Yeah, because changing avatar once every 3 years is the same as the people that change it daily.


Anyway, I ask because people have told me to get a new one. If no one wants to make it, I’ll gladly keep voltron. No reason to go around hatin.

Carry on.


I was about to post the same thing!