SF3s: Q



Well…I finally got around to actually trying to play this game and the only person I’m interested in using is Q, tips, combos, main pokes and all that regular character junk is appreciated. BTW, I’m only using SA 1 and 2.


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I mean the 3S adv. Q&A has a bunch of Q info in there.


36 pages of information I’ve never read about…thanks, but no thanks.


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oh yeah, all the combo you’ll ever need is st. mk --> scratching


Ok, I play Q a lil bit, and most of this info has been posted elsewhere, but what the hell.

This is just some basic Q junk. First and foremost, when you can, taunt. Taunt all day. Only combos youll ever need, are st. forward into slappy hands, or st. forward into dash punch. Good combos when you have meter are st. foward, dashpunch, supercancel 2 SA1. Mix up dash punches, his jab is a good poke, Fierce slappy hands is an ok AA untill it gets parried for free. USE HIS COMMAND GRAB! Thats his best move IMO. Combo from command grab are CG, EX dash punch, st.roundhouse, taunt. Abuse the piss out of his normal throw also, learn 2 kara both grabs, normal and command. I use SA1, i like it way better than SA2, SA3 is absolute ass. Always do the motion for a super after you do a dash punch, just press the button if it hits. I think you can connect his super rite after a st. Forward, but im not 2 sure, i always do st.forward, jab dashpunch, super. I SA1 the hell out of ignorant shotos who try and sweep Q when he has a super. If your close and they throw out a laggy normal, super on reaction, its got some invinciblity, and its pretty quick. Other good pokes are cr. forward, cr. short, cr. jab. Cr. Fierce is ok, use it sparingly. In the air, depending on the distance and the opponents positon, use forward and fierce. Heh, this is unorganized as hell, but that should get you started on Q. Pick the red suit, it owns.

EDIT: I forgot one of his good combos, st.forward into EX slappy hands.


SA2 is worth a try as well. Landing it will probably be the hardest aspect of the move, but it’s much easier to get into than SA3. What you get out of this move is pure, solid, DAMAGE. There are combos that go along with it, but I tend to think if functions better when you keep it simple, and use the move as a stand-alone. Try to get it in after your opponent misses a move that leaves them within regular throw range.

The Arm Flail should definitely be used. I’m not certain whether or not I’ve juggled someone off of the FP version, but I can definitely say that you can follow-up the EX version with a s.FP or s.RH. You can usually follow the lunging MP with the Arm Flail which is great against crouchers if you use the LP version.

Just in case you’re wanting a little combo that involves SA2 you can try this one:

(Command Grab, Dash Punch, SA2, Dash Punch)

Timing is everything in that combo, especially with Dash Punch that comes after the Command Grab. The angle and height of your opponent’s fall, depends on the strength of the button used. Cancelling the first Dash Punch to the SA2 takes some getting used to, but it can be done with practice. Since the SA2 sends the other character soaring out of the screen, you’ll have to time the final Dash Punch (just like the fireball at the end of Ryu’s Shin-Shoryuken Combos).

Not the most practical combo in the world, but it you tag them with the throw and pull the rest of it off, you’ll do a world o’ hurt.

You cancel the s. RH (fall over kick) into the Taunt, actually, and since you can use the S. RH as an anti-air, depending on the situation, you might want to alternate between either doing the kick into the taunt, or doing the kick.

That’s it for now.


dont forget that if someone jumps in SA2 hits all the time, and for super-sick damage and potential follow-ups… just makes ure the guy hasnt sniffed it out and is good at parrying… well then youd be screwed


Nifty trick to land Capture and Deadly Blow dash punch follow ups almost all the time: After the blow happens, tap the Jab button after it and then go for the punch. The punch doesn’t necessarily have to come out (it has to come out if you’re using Q’s SA2) but it’s there to fill time if you’re finicky about timing.


Does SA 3 have invincibility frames? Also, it seems like you could use SA 3 if you can pressure the opponent with command grabs as they wake up, they will jump up and you can get a free grab no? There’s also that cool corner combo with SA 3.



Super Art 3. I put some thought towards experimenting with it just to see if there was any particular use to this move. I’ve never seen it effectively used by anyone save the computer, and that was only on one occasion, but I’m just curious to know whether or not it truly is as useless a move as it seems, at least at this point.

Another matter altogether: Q’s fwd+MP, and fwd+MK. They’re more useful than I had imagined at first. The lunging MP gives Q some extra reach and speed when you need something that will strike at high level. The low hitting fwd+MK gives Q provides also provides a little extra reach on the ground, I’m not sure if there are any extra properties to it like better priority vs. certain moves. Fwd+MP works well as a buffer for the multi-hit slap special; it’s better to go right into those occasions where the punch is blocked or misses altogether. The punch also moves you a little further along the ground so it might be useful when you need to close the gap for a throw attempt, especially the C&DB, and it’s quicker than the standing fierce.


ah the Q.

first off: taunt x3 anything more than 3 does nothing

also, the taunt can be interrupted and it will still count (i think it counts after he hits the ground with his feet which is really fast)

SA I is his best super by far

great priority, great damage (almost as much as SAII), and lots of EX meter

his EX moves are very good as well, st.forward into EX slappy hands does an incredible amount of damage… use this for wake up meaty attacks.


there is a guy on these boards FlashG who has arguably the best Q, oro… (and maybe a few more characters) that I’ve ever seen. If someone can get a hold of him I’m sure he can add some valuable insight to this thread.

He’s freakin amazing!!


Q’s b+mp is a good anti air move; if parried , the opponent sometimes land at the other side . u can excute four different moves when that happens: Qcb+p, command throw, universal throw and finally dashing punch move.

To get the charge move, the computer will register a block after the parry crossup. Of course there is not enough time to get that charge unless u hit medium kick. Once the medium kick hits connect it with the dash move.

Can any of u verfiy this combo for me

CnDB, DDC, b,f+delayed punch(hp version), dashing punch.

i cannot get the last dashing move. Does the punch actually connect?


After extensive (DC) testing, for some reason the game won’t allow two hits after the super. You can do a regular Capture, jab overhead, jab dash, but you can’t do it after a super. So, best case scenario:

Roundhouse Capture, Jab overhead, jab dash xx SA2, Fierce dash

That’s all. I could’ve sworn I’ve done it in the arcade though. I’ll check Tuesday.



Actually, there are a couple errors there, TB. First of all, to improve the first part, you can do HK C&DB, WP overhead dash punch, MP (instead of WP) dash punch, DD. However, after that, you cannot juggle with another dash punch at all. If you do any sort of dash punch juggle after a C&DB, you cannot add a dash punch juggle after the super. No idea why. Doesn’t even matter if you leave out the overhead dash punch before the super. HK C&DB, MP dash punch into DD still ends the combo with no possible follow-up juggle.


Tch, I just did it! I’ll do it again!

turns on the DC

So there!

I’m neurotic about posting combos. I always do them a couple times before I hit the “Submit” button. I stand by the combo.



when i played Q i use a few things one His taunt. after knocking your opponent down or if your full screen away taunt. After 3 taunts your almost like a marvel character named Jugg. His slaps are very good as stated earlier. His Command Grab IMO his best move so much to do off this move.

I was wondering i know you have to be almost a parry king with Q but i was wondering what are some of his best/worst moves and which is his best SA. I prefer SA1 because you have such a long bar, but what do you guys think.


You think I post without testing things? =) As soon as the second hit of the super connects and they pop up in the air, the combo counter comes up. That means the combo is over. The only time you can juggle someone after the counter comes up is with a super reset. I’ve tested this extensively before. Why do you think I just taunted instead of adding a dash punch when I put that combo in my first vid? =) And that was summer 2001!

Note: I was able to get it to work if I turned on System Direction with max juggling . . .


slimx, what does WP mean?


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