SF3SOE: is there a recording/playback mode where the dummy doesn't parry?

I also have 3s on Anniversary Collection on Xbox, and MAME, but I doubt that’s going to be relevant.

Essentially I’m trying to learn Urien, and I want to go into training mode and see what people’s options are during my ghetto mixups after one of my comboes, and when I get up to it I’d like to be able to see if I’m doing the unblockables properly, but the only recording modes are the apparently useless one in normal training mode, and the one in parrying training where I can’t turn off the “feature” where the dummy auto-parry’s the combo I want to do to set up the mixup I want to test.

The “save state” in normal training would work fine, in fact it might even be fucking awesome for my purposes, better than most other games, if, y’know, I could actually set the second character to another controller like you can in the seven year old version of the game which has otherwise identical training modes except for those two differences.*

*(okay, the button config is also different)