SF4 2 V 2 Teams Tourney March 28th! @ Alex Arcade/Cam's in Santa Ana, CA

Kick off your Spring Break or End it with a bang! 2 v 2 Tournament at Alex Arcade in Santa Ana, CA this Sunday, March 28th! UPDATED!!!

**- Street Fighter 4 Tournament: Sunday, March 28th @ 1PM, Sign ups start at 12PM (WALK-IN)

  • Where: Alex Arcade (formerly Cameron’s Place of Games) @ 626 S Harbor Blvd
    Santa Ana, CA 92704

  • 2 vs 2 Teams Tournament

  • Same Character teams allowed (you can both choose the same characters)

  • Choose any order your team plays, Last Man Standing (pokemon style)

  • 16 Team Cap (32 man) [might fit a couple more teams in depending on turnout)

  • $3 Entry Fee per person ($6 per team)

  • Best out of 1 game

  • Double Elimination (Winner’s Bracket/Loser’s Bracket)

  • Winner of Loser’s Finals must win 2 games

  • 1st Place wins 70% of pot
    2nd Place wins 30% of pot
    (If 10+ Teams show up)
    Winner Takes All if less than 10 Teams show up **

**You can play other games while you wait. Alex Arcade offers games like 3rd strike, MvC2, CvS2, Alpha2, Super Turbo, and more! **

See or Ask for me (Andrew) for registration on the day of during sign up time.

Come showcase your skills! Get Hype!!

I updated the details… that sound be the final cut.

andrew i be goin kayaking with me girlfriend this sunday
sorry cant make it =(
Hope u get that fight money

Thanks bro, no problem. :] BUMP!!! :smiley:

bumping it back up. :smiley:

i will be there so dont cancel…

im looking for a partner…anyone want to team up? let me know thanks

Yeah, it’s still going down but I updated the pot split… 70/30 to first and second… if theres a 10+ teams turn out… if not Winner Takes All

still looking for a partner :frowning:

hey andrew can you post up the results please thank you:wgrin:


1 Team Name (Richard N., Jayce The Ace)
2 Team Sonny (Bunsomite, Tatsujinken)
3 I’m Duying It Vest (Duy N., DJ Vest)
4 Team Peter Nguyen (Peter Nguyen, some other Rufus guy)
5 Team FedEx (Andrew Strife, M1n0r Thr3at)
5 Team Chivas (Chivas, his friend)

Honorable mention: 9 Team TK (Kathy, her bf): For some amazingly hype matches. Another LOSF worthy player.

I think the videos are up on Youtube now also. Search: “SF4 - Alex Arcade 2v2 Tournament”