SF4 360 Video Issues


I was curious to see if anyone else was having trouble with thier video signal cutting out during SF4 play. My signal will cut out when the screen flashes brightly (during Ultras etc.). I also have a problem with the airstrip stage. I think it is from the sun glare in the background.

I am sure this is not a problem with the game itself but the issues only manifests itself during SF4 gameplay.

Anyone have this problem as well or have any advice on what it could be?


Got any scratches on the disc? Check that Jint out mayne

You didn’t say anything about your setup. I don’t know if you are using Xbox360 or PS3 and how you have your console connected to your TV (HD or SD).

But assuming you are playing on HD, bright flashes de-sync issue are usually caused by the following:

  1. Cheap Component Cable
  2. Cheap Component Switcher
  3. Cheap HDMI Cable
  4. Cheap HDMI switcher

Try another cable or directly connect the console to TV without going through switchers.

I am playing in HD.

I am going Xbox -(compnent)-> Reciever -(compnent)-> 42" LCD TV

The cables are pretty cheap though. Maybe I will try switching them out.

Monoprice is your friend

I actually have some problems as well that just started happening last night. The screen blacks out, and sometimes doesn’t return. Cheap HDMI cable prob, perhaps?

This can be caused by a HDMI handshake or resolution issue. If you have a receiver in the mix, that can be the cause of the problem. It would be much easier to help if you listed your equipment, how it is set up (wiring) and the output resolution you have the Xbox360 set to.