Sf4 5v5 team announced!

Hey guys,

Cole is having internet problems so he asked me to post this. There’s been a lot of questions and drama going on about the evo sf4 team. So we’ve decided to simply choose the teams now. No drama. No excuses. The team will be:

Cole: Duh, team captain
Preppy: Seattle games just wouldn’t be the same without him. And come on. Marvel.
Dan from Canada: Despite the drama, the guy’s good. He’s proved that he’s earned the slot by consistently beating on Julian Blake and Mickey D in tournaments.
Apoc: The thing about Apoc is, it doesn’t matter how much or how little he plays a game. He will always have the mind games and rambling forum posts to make him a champion.
Portland slot: Portland is basically a raw sewer when it comes to gaming talent, but we had to represent SOMEONE otherwise they’d never drive up here to lose to us. So, like throwing a raw steak to a pack of dogs, we’re organizing a portland royal rumble cage match. All portland players will be locked in the PSU campus with one SF4 console for as long as it takes until someone comes out the winner. Anyone trying to leave for any reason before a winner is decided will have to fight his way past Rashinken.

Everyone else: I know there’s some controversy here but please realize there’s a limited number of slots. Those who are interested in being alternates can post why they deserve to be an alternate. We’ll pick 5 alternates, one for each slot. So if you think you have the skill and dedication to be an alternate post why you deserve the slot.

Hmmm. I already fell for something today.

Good one :rofl:

Thanks. I’ve been playing a lot of Zangief on the sly (got my 500 ranked wins) and think I’m ready to roll. Or spin, really. That lariat just beats up on on noobs.

This team is so strong! I’m glad that everyone put aside their differences in my dreams and we came to this solid conculsion in another dimension.

Let’s fucking smash on everyone and take this shit!

Can we challenge for spots? I would like to take on Apoc in a first to 10 in SFIV. There is only one catch, we both take equal amounts of DMT. It will be the ultimate mind game.

clearly i am a prime candidate for the pdx spot.

pablo’s avatar says it best.

should do 2v2’s then…find an astral partner to throw down with ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sir is, as the kids say, extremely hardbody. Well done chap!

I deserve to be an alternate because I consume children for sustenance.

so why all of a sudden these decisions are made. it boggles my mind.

His avatar dosent say Punk Bitch…

I would like a locked alternate spot please. I think I’ve proven myself.

oh shiiit.

you do know how to read.


Dan…I would seriously hope and pray that you realize that this thread is an April Fools joke.

I’m like serious. You aren’t joking are you?


shit i just check the date and its april 1st…

you got me.

Um, no.

I believe the thought is that anybody who wants to “challenge” can vie for the Portland spot.

everything’s a joke here. (i hope)

except for me being surprised that raishinmahakenx-mark II-super-deluxe is able to read.


I think we should give the Portland spot to Switchup. He earned it. Let people challenge Apoc.

edit: That was pretty funny Jetay lol.