SF4: 5v5 University Battle

I was talking to ARival earlier today, and since there are lots of new cats beginning to play SF4, the original idea was to have SJSU vs SFSU for SF4, but I was reconsidering the possibility that there will be other universities playing SF4 once there is a console realease; hence we should do a University Battle: SF4 Showdown during mid/late March if that is the case.

I would love to hear input from everybody and organize something for us to have lots of fun. Once everything is decided and set in place, this post will include the date/time that the event will be happening.

Please post to express your ideas, suggestions and concerns if any.

what i suggest we could do is, i dont know if they allow this, but the anime peeps do this all the time is bring couple of small hdtvs/lcd monitors and 360s (whoever can supply them), and hold it in the student union.

I dont want to have to pay .75 cents to play even after console release.

edit: student union closes early on saturdays so most likely it could be held in the bowling center at the table area next to the lanes.

This is a awesome idea! :lovin:

I also recall an idea of groups competing instead of just schools. Like teams from various arcades (Team SVGL), area codes (Team 707), etc. Maybe we could take something like that into consideration.

UC Davis has a lot of people playing at the MUGA, and we’re getting pretty good. I think we’d all be interested in attending something like this.

Keep us posted.

Key Stone vs Key Stone Light ftw ^.^

i want to play for team korea thx

Let’s do this! Sounds good.

Hey guys, it’s been almost a month since I posted this, for sure we’ve got a lot more heads playing SFIV by now, so I have a few questions for everyone.

  1. Does everyone from the different universities want to participate in a University Battle?

  2. If not, should we just run a team tournament? If yes, can I get in touch with the people from the universities so I can discuss availability.

I want to make this as convenient and fun as we possibly can, but I would need you guys to talk to me, rather than me just post up a random date and have you guys go, “aw shit, he setup the tournament on a shitty day.”

Holla at cha boyee

where are you thinking of holding this?

So far, the only place that sounds reasonable is SJSU cuz it has an arcade, it has lots of space, and SJSU players are already down for this… but it would suck for people from UCD. It’s something that I need to find out from everyone in the next week to do this late March or early April.

if it’s just sf4 you don’t need an arcade since it’s out on console now