Sf4 AE 2012: how to practice defending against throws?


First let me say that I’m sorry for spamming the newbie saikyo dojo with my stupid questions, I have gotten a the hang of SF4’s play style to a point where I can anti air almost every jump (stupid vega’s air grabs) and pull of some combos. but my main issue is an issue that has been haunting me ever since playing sf2 on the snes with my brother, getting thrown over and over again. In most online matches I get thrown repeatedly and it feels like there is a zero reaction time to tech it. is there a way where I can practice tech-ing throws? I really feels like a guessing game for me.


Do you option select tech?


Also online play can be shitty sometimes where you will get thrown over and over and over when you tech things.


You can’t react to throws, you need to predict them. You can get away with mashing short and jab while crouching out of a block string at first, a lot of the time that is when your opponent will go for a throw and you’ll either tech it or jab them. Obviously this is not fullproof, every character has different jab / shorts and if your jabs are slower than theirs they can get an easy reset if they realize you’re just mashing.


Actually you can someone react to throws, once you see that brief pause after a tick attempt. It’s not guaranteed, and it’s possible you’ll eat a frame trap, but you can react to it. In fact, I know of some players who never o/s the throw, and just do it on reaction, with fair results.


It’s possible to stand + tech a throw on reaction because the timing is easier, it’s tight though, I wouldn’t try do it online.

To clarify something in that OS video as well, the reason it works that way is because your character is unable to do anything while blocking, so if you’re in block stun, you’ll keep blocking. Pushing buttons is safe in block strings, but not before you get hit, that’s where you’ll get frame trapped (a slower start up move gets pushed at the same time as a quicker one and the quicker one hits you out of the slower one).


Oh no, don’t do it online. Online tactics usually stop fine-tuned reactions from being used in a match.


Stand teching is the new meta in a lot of ways, experienced players are getting used to crouch techs so they’re ending block strings prematurely and going for cross ups to punish the short. Diemineon is one of the best players to watch if you want to see someone stand - tech throws. The added benefit is that if you land the backthrow (at least in the case of Guile, I play Guile) you can easily set up a safe jump.