SF4: AE Newbies Vs. Newbies Group?


Alright, so I looked around and didn’t see anything like this so if there is and I missed it I sincerely apologize.

What I’d like to go is just make this thread a place where those of us who aren’t at that advanced level of the game yet can swap gamertags and get online in order to play some people who aren’t ridiculously better than us, and to help each other grow and improve.

I’m on Xbox and my gamertag is BigKrisGotEm. Anyone, even if you aren’t a newbie such as myself, that would be willing to play online with me please send me a friend request!


There are threads quite similar to yours here…



I figured I missed something somewhere but didn’t see that forum to be honest, thanks! And my apologies for putting this in the wrong place.