SF4 AE - Ryu - Newbie stuck in Trial 10


Hello everyone

This is my first message. It is nice to be with fellow SF fans. :slight_smile:

I used to play Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition when I was I child. Those days I had limited number of coins and maybe that’s why I had never been a successful player. I could only finish the game by using Vega.

After more than 20 years these days I am interested in SF again. I’ve recently got SF IV AE on my PC and trying to practice and learn.

I’d tried Ryu and Guy and decided to go on with Ryu for now as I’ve read herethat it is a good choice for newbies like me.

I play with my regular basic keyboard. I tried a gamepad but I find keyboard easier to use. I can do special moves but I find myself in difficulty when I try to perform combos. I am stuck with Ryu in Trial level 10. Here I should do followings in connection:

Jump H Kick
Stand H Punch
Shinku Hadoken

First two steps are done but I cannot link Shoryuken with H Punch…

Surely I need lots of practice but I just wanted to hear your opinions in any case.

Are combos often found difficult to perform by many or is it just my lack of skill?
Is keyboard convenient for such moves, or in general for this game?
Do you have any advice for me?

Thank you in advance…


You don’t link Shoryuken with H Punch. All you have to do is cancel the H Punch into Shoryuken. Don’t wait for the H Punch animation to end.


if fact, when you do the hard punch, dont let up on the HP button until you do the motion for the Shoryuken.WHen you let go of the button it counts as a button press. It is called negative edge. and makes combos easier


Keyboard is not convenient at all for street fighter, and it’s pretty impossible to do 360/720 motions due to keyboard “ghosting” so I’ve been told. If you are serious about getting into this game, look into getting a stick.