SF4 AE wait for 3rd Strike?

(Please excuse the typo in the subject - it should say “SF4 AE or wait for 3rd Strike?”)

I’ve skipped the SF4 releases since Vanilla, and since I recently bought my fight stick I’ve been looking for a little bit of variety, and I’ve been thinking about giving AE a rental (since I can gamefly it as long as I want)… but as I was looking in to it I see the 3rd strike online edition release is right around the corner… and I never played 3rd Strike either aside from once or twice in a laundrymat (it was being played right after arcades disappeared from my area).

AE obviously has superior graphics, but aside from that I’m not sure how the games compare. I’m not sure how the features of each compare (although that’s not as important as the actual fighting), and both games have many new characters I’ve never tried. I’ve heard complaints of AE’s balance (so I’m not sure if I should try it now or wait for a patch?), but it seems Third Strike has a pretty restrictive selection of top tier characters as well…

Seems a lot of players find both games hit or miss… but I’d really like to try one, so I’m wondering which players would recommend?

obviously the number determines which one is better

maybe you shoulda put this in FGD

lots of 3s elite in there. youre never going to get anything more than trolling in the SF4 section

I wasn’t sure if this would be the best place to ask honestly, I just figured this would be the place that had to most players that have tried both… but if somewhere else is better I’d appreciate if a mod would kindly move the post over.

Depends on what you’re looking for really. If you have people to play with offline especially AE isn’t bad. I think it’s boring and garbage compared to even the older SFIV games that I already wasn’t a big fan of. I hate how the game again shifts to a forced balance towards offensive characters (and to only some of them, not really all of them). The online play is the same sluggishness that has been in fighting games for the last 8 years though so if you’re mostly going to be doing it for the online play…it’s not like you’re going to be missing a ton. Plus they’re coming out with ANOTHER revision for both the arcade and console to fix things AGAIN. The SFIV series isn’t a bad series like competitively and gameplay wise but you’re not going to be missing a whole lot IMO if you already played Vanilla. Just characters that are somehow less powerful and mediocre than they were before for no reason at all.

With 3S…well…one of the reasons I say to get it is that since you haven’t already bought SSFIV in the first place…for about 15 dollars you can get the most community catered fighting game to come out probably…ever. No long winded button checks if your stick/pad isn’t default set up, online that’s finally comparable to offline play across the country and possibly even other parts of the world, basically a new fresh game to get into and the ability to upload matches that you play instantly to youtube to go over what you’re doing right and wrong etc. Plus…since the game isn’t an “HD REMIX” bullshit revision it will be an accurate port of the game where you’ll get a great basis of people who have been playing the game for many years to learn from also.

as a 3rd strike elite, i must admit that ssf4 is the best game of all time, of all time… imma not let anyone finish.

Such relevant and topical humor there CharlieMurphy

Thanks for the response.

Well, on SF4, I enjoyed Vanilla for a bit (partly because it was the first 2d style fighter I played since XMen vs SF in the arcade, and first 2d I played online), but something just… didnt feel right. Wasnt the biggest fan of jumping mechanics (they were floaty and put you in severe danger in most cases, and just didnt feel natural) and I didnt always like the affect focus attacks had on the gameplay (sometimes felt like it dumbed things down rather than made them feel deeper). That’s partly why I never tried the newer editions since then. I also mainly played Dhalsim and I heard he was nerfed pretty badly. So I was hesitant, but always a bit curious to see if things changed much… but sounds like they havent.

About the 3S community, from looking it seemed to be a bit divided, but if it’s as good as you say that’s great. My biggest worry is that I havent actually played the game and that it might be too dated to get in to, but if it’s still being played so long after there must be something good. Online features do sound good which is appealing. The price is good as well, it wont be too much of a waste if I end up not enjoying it.

As of right now I’m leaning towards 3S.

The only reason 3S is going to feel too dated to get into is if you don’t get into it. It’s definitely more of a challenge to get into than say SFIV because you have to think more abstractly and are forced to deal with more rigid, cheap situations than you are in that game. The game has in game tutorials for parrying and basic combos and strats for every character in the game that it didn’t originally have before and the one thing to take the biggest advantage of is that the only way to truly get better in any fighting game is to play it against good people…AND DO IT OFTEN. Which virtually lag free offline play will finally allow you to do without it distracting your offline play.

No more having to be a theory fighter because you live in Wisconsin but like 3S. You can actively practice 3S against good people everyday online just like the Gamerbees and Wolfkrones do with shittier netcodes and then go to an offline tournament actually prepared for the tournament and not just all on theory. It’s definitely going to be the type of game where you can expect Peaceful Jay style virtual arcade streams where you can hop into a room where “the good people play” and level up through actual play and not just reading and watching shit. Like any of the top players in Japan or the in the US the best way to get good at a fighting game just like the best way to get good as a sport is to play it routinely and practice often.

I dont mind cheap situations considering I’m mainly playing MvC atm so I’m pretty accustomed to avoiding those type of situations. I watched some vids of 3S Online and the challenges seem pretty indepth so that should help get the mechanics down and somewhat help the learning curve. I actually think I’ll be somewhat better off in the learning curve in some ways than MvC, because the assist system causes me so much grief with a never-ending identity crisis since I’m never 100% satisfied with my assists (the chars w/ the best assists don’t feel as comfortable, etc).

Yup, I know the best way to learn is to play against good people. When I’m playing online I’m one of the people who usually dont leave games against better players who whoop my ass, no better way to practice. Just takes some time to find a better player who sticks around and doesn’t get cocky (especially online). But if I managed to find some people like that on MvC with worse netcode, I’m sure I wont have probs w/ that on 3S.

thanx mate