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I would like tk register Dustbowl Tournament Series. I can provide results for AE and Marvel


  1. CTRL Flux
  2. TFA OmgitzAndre
  3. TFA Josh99
  4. BIFU Insaynne
  5. Mr. Brandan Spier


  1. TFA | Josh99
  2. Super Acid
  3. Bifu Insaynne
  4. loofus
  5. TFA damus

Counter Hit Tournament 2k14 finished!
Second edition of one of the biggest and growing tournaments in Spain. Last year we managed to bring some top players in Spain, this time we got all of them and “HOG | Popi” as well. What will bring us next year?

SSFIV AE 2012 results:

  1. HOG Popi (Cammy)

  2. Kenichi (Guy)

  3. ASES | Cold (Akuma)

  4. MF | Sainters (C.Viper)

  5. Mikenumber9 (Rufus)

  6. ASES | Achampou (Blanka)

  7. SK8.Silax (Seth) <-Beto in Shoryuken rankings

  8. BCN | Fasoll (Evil Ryu)

  9. Odakku (Gen)

  10. MF Putozeros (Blanka)

  11. NaNok (Vega)

  12. SF | Dirdamo (Abel)

  13. MF | Maeselimones (Sagat)

  14. Juanmanova (Akuma)

  15. Bizkit 2d God (Fei Long)

  16. BCN | HellTPM (Oni)

Full brackets and pools here http://binarybeast.com/xSFT4AE1404180

SFIII 3rd Strike results:

  1. GKX
  2. Mr Jay Killah
    3 Cookies 2d God
  3. Nhur
  4. ASES | Son Gohan
  5. ASES | Achampou


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 results:

  1. Cookies 2d God
  2. JuanManova
  3. Runnier


No TTT2 <3 ?

Wrong Country: Takari is from Netherlands, not Germany

RSD x The Party 12
April 19, 2014
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012

  1. Sheva (Cody)
  2. YouGenius (Vega, Cammy)
  3. Phenix (T.Hawk)
  4. MBR (Akuma)
  5. Ryan Hart (Sagat)
  6. Demulant (Sagat)
  7. Arf Gamein
  8. Ferdi (Abel)

FFM Rumble #7
November, 25 2013
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012
1: Demulant (Sagat)
2: Halibel (Akuma)
3: Emersion (Claw) – NL
4: DRz_Yagami (Dictator, Dhalsim) – SWE
5: keNzo (Ken)
5: TR YouGenius (Claw)
7: TR Maruko (Zangief)
7: LinkZero (Ryu, Cammy, Ibuki)
9: MBR (Akuma) – NL
9: yosh (Akuma)
9: ChaozTheory (Dictator) – NL
9: GoldStone (Guy)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
1: Mr.E (Captain America, Spencer, Dr. Doom) – UK
2: Cranky (Zero, Morrigan, Dr. Doom)
3: Budget Player Cadet (Nova, Frank West/Dormammu, Dr. Doom)
4: HealingCare (Trish, Wesker, Strider)
5: LLL MBR (Magneto, Dormammu, Dr. Doom) – NL
5: Halibel (Ryu, Magneto, Sentinel; Magneto, Dr. Doom, Sentinel)
7: Bob_Razowsky – FRA
7: Benkill (Chris, Haggar, Hawkeye)
9: nani (Nova, Spencer, Dr. Strange)
9: Bakanoobsama – NL
9: VR-Fist (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Vergil) – CZE
9: DN|Garrzett (Ghostrider, Dormammu, Dr. Doom) – NL

Thank you


I registered all as Spain except for popi

Thanks for the input guys, especially EU data is great to have

Can you parse the data? Or is it all manual?
I post usually post news to hardedge.org (German SRK).

Another correction:
Date: September 8th, 2013
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Additional Marvel results for SSL Qualifier:

  1. BubblanAB7 (Zero, Trish, Vergil) - SWE
  2. Takari (Iron Fist, Zero, Strider) - NL
  3. Gravity Ninja (Viewtiful Joe, Wesker, Arthur) - NL
  4. Cranky (Viewtiful Joe, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange) - DE
  5. Traumatisch (X-23, Dormammu, Dante) - NL
  6. DoomDomainn (Wolverine, Dr. Doom, Vergil) - NL
  7. DragonThug (Spencer, Taskmaster, Akuma) - NL
  8. Healing Care (Trish, Wesker, Strider) - DE

More dustbowl results http://dustbowl.challonge.com/db7umvc3
Dustbowl 7
Bifu Insaynne (wesker doom ammy)
TFA| Josh99 (morrigan magneto doom)
Emp| DragonGod (Nova doom vergil)
Super Acid (wolverine doom vergil)
CTRL| Flux (Zero Dante Vergil)
Loofus ( Nove trish modok)
TFA |Damus (Trish Dormmanu Sentinel)
Pika Pika ( Hulk sentinel Wesker)

Dustbowl 5
1.Polish Mafia
2. loofus
3. TFA| Josh99
4. TFA| Damus
5.Pika Pika

Dustbowl 4

  1. CTRL | Flux
  2. Polish Mafia
  3. TFA| Damus
  4. Kaz
  5. Loofus

Dustbowl 3. (Curleh mustache qualifier)
2. Polish Mafia
3. Diaphone
4. Loofus
5. CTRL| Flux

Dustbowl 2.

  1. Polish Mafia
  2. kaz
  3. Pika Pika
  4. Twk
  5. TFA Damus

Dustbowl 1.
1.Smooth Viper
2. Polish Mafia
3. Pika Pika
4. KID Goggles
5. Super Acid

Dustbowl events before 7 werent done with challonge

Not this year, problems we couldn’t manage. We hope next year Tekken will come back.

Yes, we hope next year more players from EU come along, the tournament is always growing.

Just one thing: C0ld, Achampou and Son_Gohan belong to team ASES http://asesclub.com/index.php?site=news_comments&newsID=200

Did most updates, thanks


Top 8 results from Bostons Major GUTs

  1. Mr. B Guy (Vergil Deadpool Hawkeye)
  2. TFA| Damus ( Trish Hulk Sentinel)
  3. TS| Fooblate (Hagger Hulk Wesker)
  4. EMP| DragonGod (Nova Doom Vergil)
  5. BB| Edwardo (Wolverine Spencer Sentinel)
  7. EMP| KDZ (wolverine Doom Vergil)
  8. Essex

Dudeee how much time do you put into this??? Its gotta take dedication to keep up with it.

Date should be September 2013

A little glitch:
Filter for UMVC3 and Germany

Click on “Sheva”, this guy shows up, with no Marvel stats at all:

But the Marvel “Sheva JP” is actually this guy from Japan:

Starred, best of luck. I’m doing this solo, so I hope to make as much of an impact as you will.

The system gets better with more data, it kind if trains it. So I’m happy with all I can get. This project combines a passion for programming with a passion for competitive fighting games. It’s a hobby

The dates are off by a month, I’ll try to fix it today

what are you making?