SF4:AE World Ranking - Site has been beta-released

It is auto-ranked so based on the player skills. The issue here is that it only reported 4 players, so it already loses 50% of its weight (because sum of top 8 players is taken for every tournament).
If you can find more elaborate results the auto-weight will fix itself. Manual fixed types are only done for EVO and weeklies currently

But if you get top 3 in such a tournament it definitely means something, no?
Except you collude, but then the whole tournament is invalid.

Currently you are only ranked for your 16 best scores, so that puts a ceiling on what you can accumulate over time by just entering as many as tournaments as possible.
One can still game the system indeed by getting top players together and then playing a small tournament, the tournament will automatically rank very high even if there was no competition outside of the top 8 and nobody was able to challenge them. In the current ranking these are usually weeklies, and fixed as class circuit, which is the lowest

Oh, and “Chris (Balrog)” who got 7th place at Revo 2013 isn’t american, he’s mexican.

Correcting a few things:

This is actually me: http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/player/byname/Ducky

I’ve always gone by DaRabidDuckie.

The Skullgirls tournament at Texas Showdown 2013 didn’t actually happen. It was an exhibition match between [Denial] Stone and myself and was completely unofficial.

Texas Showdown 2014 DID happen. Here is the bracket: http://challonge.com/tx2014sg

I’ll work on getting more Skullgirls brackets from other tournaments, because just reporting top 4 kinda annoys me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you update the rankings with the 8 on the Break Weekly results and Battle grounds?

Hope I’m in the right place…

I just wanted to make a quick correction. I’m currently sponsored by Seraphim, or SRM for short. Also, on the rankings page, I am not listed having ranked at Evo 2k12 or 2k13… I’m not sure if it is because I ranked so low or if I was just an unknown player at the time. I know I never got top 32, and that’s the lowest that counts, right?

Either way…

At Evo2k12, I went 5 and 2, getting out of my pools.
http://evo2012.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/ssf4_c5.html (pool)
http://evo2012.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/ssf4_f8.html (qtr-finals)

At Evo2k13, I went 8 and 2, getting out of pools and most of the way through quarter-finals
https://evo2013.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/ssf4_e7.html (pool)
https://evo2013.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/ssf4_f7.html (qtr-finals)

Does anyone know how to translate these numbers into solid rankings? I’m struggling with trying to find actual numbers for the total entrants, or how to translate bracket placements in terms of overall rank. Even though I’m pretty sure these won’t count towards the rankings on the site, it would still be nice to know.


Added your team, but i cannot add results beyond top 32
BTW, I once made a handy tool to find and follow evo results and stats: http://bbr.s23.eatj.com/evo2k13/player/playerDetails/Steven%20Malecki

Who knows something like this comes back this year

going 8-2 at evo matters less than placing in online tournaments. why

Its mainly logistical, there are no reports better than top32. So thats the limit used currently.

Sorry Acku, seems like i did make a mistake out of memory in placings at stunfest.
Seems NTSC Abdess’ Ryu made it instead of Easyman’s Ryu and V-Ryu got a spot higher.

Stunfest results (among others) are now posted on http://capcomprotour.com/weekend-tournament-wrap-up/

To make data complete NTSC Abdess is a Ryu from France if that was not in the database yet.

Apologies , i thought i was accurate, but those are probably the real results if they are on capcom :slight_smile:

Ah, I figured as much. Definitely kind of stinks that such is the case, but I can understand the issues with incorporating different placement numbers for different levels of tournament.

Neat Evo stat site though. It looks really crisp.

Not all matches were streamed but you can still find the results…

This match is Kubo vs. Kusoru, a quarterfinal match. At 0:46, the bracket also shows that Frieda has to face some player that made top 8 but I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know who the player is…0:46 also shows that JEO made top 8.

This match is G.X. vs DIE-Chan, so DIE-Chan made top 8.

Skullgirls results from UGC Tournament of Champions (4/26/14)

  1. Wingzero (Filia)(Filia/Parasoul)
  2. Mike Z (Cerebella/Big Band)
  3. Nekro Surge (Valentine/Parasoul)
  4. Negus Eyeol (Double/Painwheel/Filia)
  5. Bang Camaro (Filia/Big Band)
  6. Shin AT-Proof (Valentine)
  7. Jason D. (Squigly)
  8. Justin Wong (Valentine/Parasoul)

As much as I would love to include the brackets and total entrants in here, UGC decided to nuke their brackets from challonge, so I’m afraid this is all there is.

http://www.twitch.tv/labzero/b/523491827 (19:27 is when top 8 begins)

Skullgirls Side Tournament results from ECT 2014

  1. RG|Sonicfox (Filia / Cerebella)
  2. DCB|keninblack (Parasoul / Double)
  3. Dekillsage (Parasoul / Cerebella / Double)
  4. McPeanuts (Peacock / Squigly / Big Band)
  5. Blaise (Parasoul / Double)
  6. RG|Masta CJ (Filia / Squigly)
  7. Winnie (Fortune / Filia / Double)
  8. ShadeMoneh (Valentine / Filia / Double)

Okay the results for Tougeki 2012 umvc3 are:

  1. Wong
  2. Kubo
  3. Frieda
  4. G.X
  5. DIE-chan
  6. Kusoru
  7. JEO
  8. Emumaki

I’m broken. :sad:

Guess you are joking right, because that is MVC2 :slight_smile:

Added in the rest of the suggestions

The point was actually that I get a 500 server error there as opposed to simply “player not found”. :slight_smile:

Point taken, I will fix that error message