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Here are the NEC '14 results for Skullgirls (12/6/13)

  1. Keninblack (Parasoul/Double)
  2. Dekillsage (Cerebella/Double)
  3. Omniscythe (Valentine/Fortune/Double)
  4. Sonicfox (Filia/Cerebella)
  5. Winnie (Filia/Double)
  6. Outlaw Spike (Valentine)
  7. Painsley (Parasoul/Double/Cerebella)
  8. Zidiane (Cerebella)(Peacock/Cerebella)

(28 entrants)

Skullgirls top 16 results for UFGT 10:

  1. Elda Taluda (Painwheel/Ms. Fortune/Cerebella)

  2. Winnie (Filia/Fukua/Double)

  3. IGL|Duckator (Valentine/Filia/Double)

  4. NCB|Keninblack (Parasoul/Fukua/Double)

  5. Fuzzy Snugs (Squigly/Fukua/Double)

  6. OmniSScythe (Valentine/Ms. Fortune/Double)

  7. WorldJem (Peacock/Fukua/Filia)

  8. Fullbleed (Ms. Fortune/Big Band)

  9. IGL|Konkrete (Parasoul/Painwheel/Double)

  10. Dark Obliske (Painwheel/Parasoul)

  11. Klone (Parasoul/Filia/Double)

  12. Mike Z (Cerebella/Big Band)

  13. RydenOnkars (Squigly/Cerebella/Big Band)

  14. EvilBen (Filia/Cerebella)

  15. Zero E Lopez (Ms. Fortune/Squigly/Parasoul)

  16. PFGC|Dad Toucher (Filia/Parasoul) (Also, important note. Jayford and Dad Toucher are the same person, so those results should be merged.)

(63 entrants)

so how do I input our tournament results?

just post the challonge result and videos here?

Kimo and Dirty Paws(Both Hakan) are the same person.

Mexico Major Japonawa 2014

Resultados Japonawa 2014


1- Filipino Champ
2- TL.DSC| Cast
3- SD| Tempest
4- CKD| Babushas
5- TJ Alexis
5- OFC| Pnoy
7- WL| Chris King
7- Hiro


1-MCZ.TC.LDA| Luis Cha
2- Mexikof.SPK| Violent Kain
3- XTR| Huevo
4- KOF.MXLI| Juan
5- Titosuka
5- KOF.MXLI| Sombra
7-ST| Archi


1- Filipino Champ
2-BT| Angelic
3- EM| Pony
4- EM| Taekua
5- TA| Wolf
5- TL| Aioros
7- BT| Clockwork
7- CKD| Babushas

BBCP Results:

Toryuken 3 (All of these players are Canadian):

  1. Level 5 Chan (Tsubaki)
  2. PochP (Mu-12)
  3. Psykotik (Carl)
  4. Gatchaman (Bullet/Valk)
  5. Zeero (Carl/Kokonoe)
  6. DeadliestxXx (Tager)
  7. Bill307 (Kagura)
  8. DerQ (Amane)

East Coast Throwdown 2014 (All of these players are American):

  1. TS|Lord Knight (Kokonoe)
  2. Lich (Relius, Hazama)
  3. TSB.ZD|Mynus (Litchi)
  4. Necro Undine (Kokonoe)
  5. Colpevole (Hazama)
  6. Eshi (Amane)
  7. DCB|DJ Huoshen (Makoto)
  8. Sodelic (Carl)

Northwest Majors 6 (All of these players are American):

  1. BananaKen (Kokonoe)
  2. NC|PAIN (Kokonoe)
  3. Huey253 (Taokaka)
  4. 2GB Combo (Relius)
  5. MMG|ApologyMan (Haku-Men)
  6. Wuku (Hazama)
  7. TheDon323 (Litchi)
  8. sévérine (Kokonoe)

Texas Showdown 2014 (All of these players are American):

  1. TS|Lord Knight (Valkenhayn, Kokonoe)
  2. SG (Litchi)
  3. Denial|Danke (Kagura)
  4. SAJin (Jin)
  5. Pozerwolf (Hazama, Jin)
  6. VEYS|Noobster (Tager)
  7. TDG|Oso (Carl)
  8. 4382Timez (Valkenhayn)

Final Round 17:

  1. Kiba (Valkenhayn) [UK]

  2. Ivysaur (Kokonoe) [US]

  3. sG (Litchi) [US]

  4. LordKnight (Valkenhayn) [US]

  5. Skeletal Minion (Haku-Men) [US]

  6. Lich (Hazama) [US]

  7. Hoshi (Amane) [US]

  8. .Nova (Jin) [US]

  9. Patrick (Litchi) [US]

  10. Mystic (Valkenhayn) [US]

  11. Jin (Jin) [US]

  12. Timez (Valkenhayn) [US]

  13. DC (Kokonoe) [US]

  14. Doren2k (Mu-12) [US]

  15. Bennie (Kagura) [US]

  16. Chosen Ninja (Noel) [US]

SCR 2014 (All of these players are American):

  1. GC|Pain (Kokonoe)

  2. BrkrDave (Rachel)

  3. 2GB Combo (Relius)

  4. Huey253 (Taokaka)

  5. TheDon323 (Litchi)

  6. Jona (Valkenhayn)

  7. MMG|ApologyMan (Haku-Men)

  8. severin (Kokonoe)

  9. DawnHikarii (Noel)

  10. SHGxMiniMatt (Kokonoe)

  11. xAJxDL (Taokaka)

  12. BC20FLY (Noel)

  13. Shtkn (Jin)

  14. Super Raptor (Kagura)

  15. Nano (Noel)

  16. Archer (Jin)

Winter Brawl 8:

  1. SKD (Ragna) [US]
  2. Lich (Relius, Hazama) [US]
  3. LordKnight (Valkenhayn, Kokonoe) [US]
  4. Psykotik (Carl) [CAN]
  5. Nas (Bullet) [US]
  6. Brkrdave (Rachel) [US]
  7. Bill307 (Kagura) [CAN]
  8. Mynus (Litchi) [US]

NEC 14:

  1. SKD (Ragna) [US]
  2. Lord Knight (Litchi) [US]
  3. OmniSScythe (Kagura) [US]
  4. MDA|Psykotik (Carl) [CAN]
  5. Kid Viper (Hazama) [US]
  6. brkrdave (Rachel) [US]
  7. Skeletal Minion (Haku-Men) [US]
  8. Kirbster (Rachel) [CAN]

That was a great post, added it in thx

For NEC 14, The official tournament was a 3v3 Team Tournament (source - http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6684-northeast-championship-xiv-nec-dec-6th-7th-and-8th-in-essington-pa-right-outside-of-philly/page-3#entry720389)


  1. Where The White Girls At? – Danke (Kagura), OmniSScythe (Kagura), Akira-Shiro (Kokonoe)
  2. Lolifornia – Delta (Noel), brkrdav (Rachel), Nano (Rachel)
  3. Jourdal#taskforce – Jourdal (Jin), Shyn (Valkenhayn), Huey (Tsubaki)
  4. Give Them The D – Give Them The D – nobodyexe (Kokonoe), Pain (Kokonoe), Chosenninja (Noel)

The results that were posted are from a $1 single elimination side tournament (source - http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6684-northeast-championship-xiv-nec-dec-6th-7th-and-8th-in-essington-pa-right-outside-of-philly/)
You can verify this on twitter with @stickbug (the T.O.) or @SuperKawaiiDesu‌ (the person who won the $1 entry side tournament)

I didn’t really care at first but I heard that these rankings might be used for EVO seeding in some way, so I thought it was unfair for everybody who traveled to the event for the main event. I guess possible solutions would be removing the previous results or just keeping both?

Hey, can I get the team “Team DC” listed for the following BBCP players?
DC - http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/player/byname/DC
The Arm - http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/player/byname/TheArm05
Mystic - http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/player/byname/Mystic

(And possibly get “TheArm05” changed to “The Arm”, thanks!)

Source: http://teamdcgaming.com/index.php/the-team

I take it the following hasn’t been added to the ranking page, since Poongko still shows as having played 0 tournaments in Ultra, and Infiltration still shows 2, though he’s played 3.

Spiritzero Cup Korea, USFIV results (copied from the Srk front page):

  1. INFILTRATION (Akuma, Chun-Li, Rolento)

  2. POONGKO (Seth, Cammy, Yun)

  3. Prettyminky (C.Viper)

  4. LAUGH (Evil Ryu)

  5. hydeBUFFY (Adon)

  6. Dbkoopa (Yun)

  7. Maestro Sora (Juri)

  8. Snyang (Rolento)

  9. Aggressor Zero (Yun)

  10. ink7 (T.Hawk)

  11. lim83man (Sagat)

  12. rinbo7 (Guile)

  13. Fender (Ken)

  14. Dunbine (Sakura, Evil Ryu)

  15. Kage (C.Viper)

  16. FS AIKU (Poison)

Great stuff, I was looking for that :slight_smile:
Added to http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/tournament/byname/Spiritzero%20Cup%20Korea%20-%20USF4

Do you know if some people were foreign? Otherwise I will put all as coming from South Korea

First post on srk in a while, but would also like to reiterate that the current NEC blazblue results are wrong, as they come from a side tournament, and as huey said I would not care at all except that this is relevant to evo, and I’d like the 1000 points or whatever that I flew out to Philidelphia to get!

I would love to add them but there is no way to include team tournaments. The code would have to be changed thoroughly to support it and make sure points are distributed fairly. Even so one could get a lot of points without ever winning something. This is eventually a player ranking not a team ranking.
So I could remove the NEC side tournament, but to be honest a side tournament is still better then none.

Also to make sure: there is no statement at all that this would be used to seed. It could be used, but EVO organizers will always have their final say whatever they use to seed

Sorry, no idea :slight_smile:

I definitely think it should be removed then, as it’s not indicative of the rank.

Australian results! Because.

All contestants from all tournaments are Australian except HumanBomb.

Battle Arena Melbourne 6
May 9th to 11th 2014

AE 2012

  1. Sol (Cammy)
  2. ToXY (Akuma)
  3. Carnage (Cammy)
  4. Heavy Weapons (Sagat)
  5. Shang Tsung (Bison/Seth)
  6. Somniac (Bison)
  7. Justice (Bison)
  8. ZG (Rufus)


  1. Baxter (Magneto / Spencer / Doom)
  2. Somniac (Nova / Dorm / Strange )
  3. FKNBun (Magneto / Dorm / Doom)
  4. Low Blow (Zero / Magneto / Doom)
  5. ToXY (Magneto / Doom / Vergil )
  6. Infinity (Wesker / Doom / Vergil )
  7. X (X-23 / Akuma / Strider )
  8. Naked Jake (Zero / Mag / Doom )

Battle Arena Melbourne 5
May 17 - 19 2013

AE 2012

  1. Humanbomb (Hong Kong) (Sakura)
  2. ToXY (Akuma)
  3. Phero (Guy)
  4. Somniac (Bison)
  5. Ikuya (Ken)
  6. Carnage (Cammy)
  7. ZG (Rufus)
  8. Shang Tsung (Bison / Seth)


  1. ToXY (Magneto / Doom / Vergil)
  2. Baxter (Magneto / Spencer / Doom)
  3. Somniac (Nova / Dorm / Strange)
  4. Solid Stef (Viewtiful Joe / Rocket Raccoon / Frank West )
  5. Daichi (Magneto / Doom / Vergil )
  6. Hai (Wesker / Dorm / Magneto )
  7. Glassy (Nova / Spencer / Strange )
  8. Burnout (Morrigan / Spencer / Doom)

You also appear to only have MvC3 results for Ozhadou Nationals 11, here’s the AE results, although I can’t tell you all the characters played.
Feb 23 / 24 2013

  1. Genkibot (Juri)
  2. ShangTsung (Bison / Seth)
  3. SoL (?)
  4. robsux (?)
  5. ToXY (Akuma)
  6. Genxa (?)
  7. Punk (?)
  8. ZG (Rufus)

Results for ButtomSmash Issue 2
March 15/16 2014

AE 2012:

1st. Somniac (Bison)
2nd. ZG (Rufus)
3rd Snow (Akuma)
4th Falco (Zangief)
5th Phero (Guy)
5th Arnold Desu (?)
7th Muttons (Ryu)
7th Goomba (?)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1st Arnold Desu (?)
2nd DeathWish (?)
3rd Baxter (?)
4th NefeliousG (?)
5th Somniac (?)
5th Hari (?)
7th FKBUN (?)
7th AfterDeath (?)

You have Somniac and DB_Somniac as separate players, they are the same person. (He has also competed as Somniax, but I didn’t see that currently listed anywhere)

You have ToM and NefiliciousG as seperate players, they are the same person. Because Queensland.

Also the player “X” has entered tournaments as “they call him X” if a one letter gamertag is too short, he doesn’t have any previous results though, that’s the best he’s done.

The player “Hai” has the current name in the db as haichii http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/player/byname/Haichii He generally just enters as “Hai”, although he entered this tournament as “Mr Fraud” because Queensland.

The player “Burnout” has a second entry as “BurnoutFIGHTER”, this is the same player.

DeathWish is probably some other player, I can’t remember who though.

How big do tournaments have to be?
There is an austrian “arcade” called VirtualDojo that runs a monthly tournament series similar to NLBC.


Blazblue rankings where there is no japanese player listed at all…

Ok lets get some things added here

Arcsys Revolution Cup May 19th 2013:

  1. Galileo (Litchi)
  2. Amae Koromo (N-O) (Rachel)
  3. Abaranger (Oboron) (μ-12-)
  4. Dogura (Azrael)
  5. RYO (Relius)
  6. Zexo (Valkenhayn)
  7. Daiwa (Platinum)
  8. Tsujikawa (Taokaka)

Mixup Night 15 on Nov 30th 2013:

  1. N-O (Rachel)
  2. GO1 (Kokonoe)
  3. Galileo (Litchi)
  4. Dogura (Azrael)
  5. Yuuki (Hazama)
  6. Sawaki (Kokonoe)
  7. Koike (Litchi)
  8. Kinji (Taokaka)

Mixup Night 17 on Feb 22 2014:

  1. Tsujikawa (Kokonoe)
  2. Dogura (Azrael)
  3. Tetsuyaro (Noel)
  4. N-O (Rachel)
  5. Poropiccho (Haku-Men, Platinum)
  6. Rasuk Grandia (Tager)
  7. Matoi (Taokaka, Kokonoe)
  8. Koga-tan (Ragna)

Mixup Night 19 on May 31 2014:

  1. Sae (Carl)
  2. Suuya (Valkenhayn)
  3. RASUK_GRANDIA_ (Tager)
  4. Galileo (Litchi)
  5. Macchi (Ragna)
  6. N-O (Rachel, Jin)
  7. Koga-tan (Ragna)
  8. Ouka (Haku-Men)

By the way, I would rate Arcsys Cup as a very highly rated tournament, possibly grand slam? The Mixupnight tourneys are once every two months or so, they should be higher ranked than a weekly but not really as much as a major. That said, the quality of the players at Mixupnight is EXTREMELY high even if it isn’t considered a prestigious tourney, so it should still given a good weighting.

Someone who can read Japanese, please translate who these players are in this Taito tournament…there aren’t many singles Japanese tournaments, this one is pretty stacked though:

The finals was Kazunoko vs. Gachi-kun(Sagat) and Kazunoko won that. The third place player was a Viper, not sure the name. I think Vivi Chun-Li got 4th. Not sure who the other players are.