SF4:AE World Ranking - Site has been beta-released

We dont have a Tekken ranking yet :slight_smile: For USF4 it is only top64 who got listed that’s the max the system can handle

If it has 50+ players it is eligible for ranking, can be ranked as circuit type. You could post updates here. Would be cool to just host a second site somewhere else though, but I need to find out an easy and free way of hosting to accommodate that

Yes, that’s a good idea. Will be added in the new version

I added those in at the same time you posted. I usually updated directly when SRK publishes results. If you want to help add in data that is missing as a moderator drop me a message


Ultra Street Fighter 4

  1. Infiltration
  2. Dakou
  3. Hoodaman
  4. Humanbomb
  5. Xiaohai
  6. Iim83man
  7. Initial Kyouso (Japanese player)
  8. Bao (Chinese player)

It’s actually the WECG Korea Qualifier. WECG 2014 is going to be held in China in December.

5 Highlander[NET ] - Germany
9 TR Mac, Netherlands
13 nani, YUN
17 sBasti, Dictator, Germany
25 TR Sheva, CODY
25 Emersion, Vega

Some additional info for RFD3 results

Hey @Acku‌ ,

You can find me under the Killer Instinct rankings. Some info concerning my player data. My sponsor is “NS” or “No Surrender Gaming.” Their website and twitter are http://nosurrendergaming.com/ and https://mobile.twitter.com/NSProGaming . Also, my twitter is https://mobile.twitter.com/GnarlyFeats .

It looks like this event is listed twice under WECG KOREA QUALIFIER and WECG SEOUL QUALIFIER. Wouldn’t this artificially inflate the rankings for anyone who placed at these events?

Will winning capcom pro tour be considered a grand slam?

This is basically harder to get into than the top 8 of Evo

Honestly I think the weighting for many tourneys is very off…Arcsys Cup for Blazblue should be grandslam as well, since like every spot has a qualifier and the level of play is insane…it’s definitely more of a grandslam than Evo was for Blazblue.

Yeah, Actually I think the confusion stems from the fact that there were two tournaments held in Korea under the WECG banner.

WECG 2014 Global Challenge: Korea
WECG Korea National Final

It seems like Infiltration won one, and Poongko won the other. I’m not aware of another in which Infiltration also came 1st. To be honest I find this rather confusing, so I’m not going to make any definitive statements, but it seems as if the Global challenge happened first, and was the more prestigious, but the Korea National Final seems to have had more participants. Not really sure, to be honest.

I don’t really know where to point out errors in the tournament rankings thing. The FAQ said to come here for feedback, so I’ll post it here.

The 3 tournaments I’ve entered Skullgirls in are all split into different names, Zid, Zidane, and Zidiane. I did enter as Zid (to make my name easier to call for people who didn’t know how to say it), but the Zidane is a typo. Would be cool to be under one name.



How do you determine the weight a player is assigned in USF4?

It is inherited from the weight he had in AE2012, and adapted when necessary (if it does nor correspond with the current results).
The system uses manual weighting, which is basically human mods given players a value, and it does auto-weighting for those that do not have any assigned. The auto-weighting uses a logarithmic curve, so the bulk of players get low weights and only a select few get the highest. It is easy to rank in the middle because you just need to be top-16 in some tournament somewhere to rank. This is why effective weights are only given to those in the higher percentiles. In the middle you probably get auto-weight 1 or 2, it wont make much of a difference. The system only works well in the high regions where there is a lot of player data, after top 100 the results are quite random.

There is also a tool to compare actual weight with auto-weight to find out large differences in applied value. These can then be edited to fit better. I often go over the top 250 to see if the players have a realistic weight based on their performance (not only rank). Some players play few tournaments but do that very well so they get higher weight than rank would indicate.

Next to auto-weighting I also updated how tournaments are weighed.
Instead of using a sum of weights of best 8 players entering, it now uses the sum of the squares of their weights. This favors entries of higher skilled players.

Say for example a tournament had 5 players with skills
10 8 8 5 5
then the sum and tournament weight would be 36
Say the players were
8 8 8 6 6
then the tournament weight is still 36

If we take squares then the weight of the first is 278 and the weight of the second is 264.

If the player with weight 6 won the first tournament he will be awarded better points due to this, and that makes sense as he faced some better competition to do so. So a lot of average players will get you below average tournament weight, a few top players will get you better rankings.
If one would game this system he would need top players, which would be beneficial to all.

Hey just noticed that FizzyKups for the UMvC3 rankings is listed as Canada. He’s actually from Arizona of USA. Guessing this was because he got 2nd at CCGMS?


Thanks fixed that

Japanese arcade ranking for USF4 seems inconsistent . Daigo hasn’t been #1 in arcades for over a month now and 6 has built a substantial lead in #1 already. Nemo is still #2 and Daigo is 3rd

And something is wrong with ssfranking