SF4:AE World Ranking - Site has been beta-released

Yes, I promised you then I forgot. Shame on me. Added to the FAQ and will upload when traffic goes down a bit

congrats acku!

Hey there! great initiative. Here in Spain the FGC is growing bigger and bigger for the past to years with players like Nercromina (I bet you remember her combat against Daigo in Dreamhack Winter 2013, I can’t find her in the rankings despite her 9th place in DHW '13), Fasoll (132th in the rankings and top 13th in DHW '13) or Roy Macoy (224th). The tournaments circuit is growing also since Dreamhack decided to place an annual challenge in Valencia and international-aspiring tournaments like ADFT(three editions with players like Cuongster), Counter Hit Tournament(the 2nd edition will be held in April with great expectation in the spanish community) or Sonic Boom, which 1st edition was played last weekend and these are it’s results:
Sonic Boom 2014 results
The aforementioned Fasoll and Roy Macoy took part on it with with a 5th and 2nd place respectively.
I will be posting the results in the next CHT in april (in which we hope to bring some top european players to keep growing) and ADFT and hope you take them in consideration

PS. Fasoll and Roy Macoy don’t have the spanish flag and link next to their names, I guess you don’t take Spain as a competitive country yet :wink:

Maybe you should look into adding Hypespotting2, since i got second place there! probably shouldnt weigh that much though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried finding results for the first edition, but only found a top3 here (ryan hart won it):

Apart from that selfish attempt to boost my rank a little, i will give some corrections/info on european players you currently miss or have incorrect. AFAIK most of these only play 1 character (if character is missing in tournmant results).

Emersion Netherlands Claw
Perplex France Rufus
Valmaster France Chun-Li
Kusanagi France Seth
Saunic France Ibuki
Yougenius Germany Claw
MBR Netherlands Akuma
Choaztheory Netherlands Dictator
gamein France Fei Long
Adone stylz France Sagat
TKO X Isoud France Guile
Phenom Norway Dictator
I’m still da daddy UK Guile
Yota UK Fei Long
Taaha UK Abel
Fassol Spain Ibuki
Sheva Germany Cody
Ettelman Sweden Adon
Halibel Germany Akuma
Demulant Germany Sagat
Doomdomainn Netherlands Ryu

Hope this helps!

Please change the name of TKO X Isoudw ====> RaGe Isoudw thx very much . http://rageteam.fr/

I think by adding the sponsor/team that the player represents will greatly add to the value of interlinking/showing off this page. If that’s something that could be added, I’m sure it will also help as a resource. Also maybe adding a verified player’s twitter account or something?

Done http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/tournament/114 - thx

done, thx

Yes, that would be nice to have. But also something to maintain :wink: For the top 50 this could be done imo


I have a couple questions about weight:

  1. Is there a formula on how player skill weight is assigned?
  2. Does tournament weight affect points awarded? I noticed Youmacon 2013 (40 weight) awarded the same number of points as Frosty Faustings VI (5 weight).

That was awesome info, thanks. If anyone recognizes player countries where it isnt filled in, let us know

Infilton and Laugh didn’t win Revox, they didn’t even participate in it, they just played some exibition matches.

This is the result of Revox 2013 top 8 in Brazil last year:
1st: painN.Ludo
2nd: CNB.ChuChu
3rd: FWG Keoma
4th place: GR.Breno Fighters
5th place tie: Alexis / Rodrigo ShoguN
7th place tie: gigiolurez_br / PA.Ratex

It can also be seen here:

I’m one of Revox’s TOs, if you have any doubts feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

About the Sonic Boom 2013 tournament, there are the correct country and character about the players.

1 Chocolo Akuma Spain
2 Roy Macoi Fei Long Spain
3 Achampou Blanka Spain
4 HellTPM M. Bison Spain
5 Fasoll ibuki Spain
5 Phoenix Fei Long Spain
7 Beto Seth Spain
7 Wanxe Ryu Spain

I’m that Phoenix and in the Dreamhack Valencia 2013 I scored Top 9 in that tournament

Strange how these misunderstandings grow. Are these all BR players and do you know their characters? Updated at http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/tournament/122

Can an admin put United States next to Nice1…this is him :slight_smile: thanx and keep up the good work guys

Cool! I’ve seen you’ve taken note of Sonic Boom 2013 results. Phoenix Spain told the characters for each player in top8. Just one more thing: Fasoll and Hell TPM are sponsored by Barcelona e-sports as Alioune (the french player). So their names should be “BCN e-sports | Fasoll” and “BCN e-sports | Hell TPM”.
As I said before we’re working right now in the Counter Hit 2014, results of 2013 edition were:

Another tournament held in Spain last year:
Top Tiers IV (2013)

Tekken World Murcia 2013 (There was a SSFIV tournament also)

And one last: Tenerife Lan Party 2013:


Once again thanks for the work. I will be here with Spain and Europe tournaments in the future.

Two majors of Spain during the summer

Tenerife lan party 2013

Dreamhack valencia 2013

1º WW.MCZ Ryan Hart
2º WDM.MCZ Louffy
3º WW.MCZ F-Word
4º Roy Macoi
5º BCn e-Sports Fasoll
5º RZR.CG Problem X
7º Jheuty (Makoto Spain)
7º WDM.MCZ Perplex
9º VaD Phenix
9º Mike Number 9 (Rose Spain)
9º Phoenix
9º Nanok (Vega Spain)

cHaotix and Andre West are the same person guuuuuuuuuuuuuys.