SF4: AE Xbox Live Need Friends(Newbie-ish skill level)


My gamertag is BigKrisGotEm. I have the basics concepts and moves down, not quite to the point where I’m FADC > Ultra and things like that but would definitely enjoy playing with some people around my level so we can push each other to improve. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in please get at me.


Hey man i’ll give you an add over the weekend, my GT is iPhynX

I’m not bad but will mainly be focusing on my neutral game and footsies instead of winning using an ultra :slight_smile: if you have a mic that would be better cause then we can discuss things. You got ultra or AE?


I’ve just upgraded to Ultra a couple days ago, so if you’re on Ultra shoot me a friend request gamertag is BigKrisGotEm and I do have a mic.


Ohhh you are in the US. In that case we can try but the connection has a big chance of being bad lol