SF4 After mod help

Hey guys i just joined to get some help. I’ve been reading around these threads awhile and they sure have a lot of good advice in them but i cant find any regarding the problem i am having.

I have a sf4 ce fightstick and modded it today with no problems. I used sanwa buttons and a sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK stick.

Now the problem is the stick still sticks (lol) in certain directions just like the stock stick it came with. Example, if i hold down long enough it’ll start jumping for no reason. This is really annoying me cause i had to patiently wait a month n a half for my parts to come in with my fightstick just collecting dust, and now that i finally mod it im still experiencing issues instead of sf bliss!

So please any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

It may be a PCB/wiring issue rather than one with the stick. Make sure your joystick harness is connected snugly and then contact Mad Catz for warranty info if you can’t get it sorted.

When I first put my JLF in the harness kept coming loose (too much 'gief) so I hot glued that bitch on.

yeah make sure your wiring is correct and you actually did it right lol

Its not rocket science lol. As i said the modding was no problem at all. Every thing is properly connected, nothing is loose at all. Whats weird is the left/up/right directions all work fine, even down works here and there but for the most part it registers down as up.

When i put the stick function on LS the down works fine but the inputs lag so bad i cant do down up charge moves (IE spinning bird kick) so that pretty much throws using LS out the window. This also makes me think somethings wrong with that particular pcb but hell idk.

All i know is its really pissing me off and just want a working stick so i can finally start enjoying sf4 lol

Hmm…probably ground connection touching something

Ground connection eh? How would i go about checking to see if thats indeed the problem?

Assuming you just followed some of the diagrams on SRK and simply popped out the buttons and stick, there shouldn’t have been any wiring issues. I swapped everything out and didn’t have any wiring I had to mess with.

A possible issue is if you are using a JLF with the stock wire that came with the stick there could be two issues. One is possibly you plugged in the wire upside down. The other is the wire is loose or not plugged in to all of the pins.

I used the standard wire with my SE joystick and it doesn’t snap in like it did on the original Mad Catz so I had to use a bit of electrical tape to hold the wire on. First few times I used it, it worked perfectly but then the wire came loose and didn’t respond.

Get a multimeter and watch this [media=youtube]KzjMIcER4EU"[/media]. What you’re going to do is test for continuity. Put the multimeter on the continuity test and grab the black probe and put it on ground. Then you’re going to look for the directions on the pcb. Since it’s the SE Fightstick you will find them labeled on the pcb as up down left and right. With the black probe on ground touch the red probe on every single direction. If you here a beep or see that that the meter is fluctuating on that certain direction then it rules out that its getting grounded. So now you have to trace the wire and the pcb to see if during manufacturing there was extra solder that jumped two points, the wiring is stripped somewhere and is touching the case, etc. If none of these things work than we can rule out that the pcb is about to suicide.

I would suggest watching that vid in its entirety since its very useful and informative if you decide to continue modding and building arcade sticks.

@Tetz; I flipped the wiring upside down (at first i didnt but realized what to do right away) so thats not it either. Thx though.

@Tetsuosan; Thanks for the advice man i’ll go out and get one tomarrow after i get out of class, i’ll let you know whats up with it after i try it.