SF4: Akuma - Need learn/apply (new) combos

What’s up guys. Since I’m relatively bad at this game, I’m stuck with scrubby Kens, and it’s not helping me improve at all. I’m looking for people who don’t mind playing with me and teaching me a few things. Some guys on GGPO gave me a few tips here and there and I got better at SuperTurbo pretty quickly, hopefully it’ll be the same for SF4.

Add me on MSN if you don't mind: [email]goldman50@msn.com[/email]
PSN: nekrolust88


I’m only on Xbox but you can find a lot of combo and technique resources here.

As for Gouki/Akuma goes, learn his basic BnB combos in SFIV. The one most known is s./Lk Tatsu>f./HP SRK. Applying this is very useful for Gouki. As for advance strategies, learn a few from the hard trials on Vanilla (regular SFIV).

One advance combo I know of for Gouki is Standing Roundhouse/HK>Crouching Strong/MP>Short/LK Tatsu>Fierce/HP SRK xx FADC>HCB Hadouken. This will keep Gouki on the ground while and it’ll give you a chance to cross-up of you choice like an air tatsu>reset or c.Roundhouse.

Also learn how to control space with Gouki. His air and ground Hadoukens do very well playing keep-away, and using his teleport will help getting against characters like Dalshim.

I’m tired of fighting dragon punch Kens, anybody wanna add me and play a few?
Thanks for the suggestions btw.

This video is all you need.


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