SF4 Alterntive?


I’ve been playing SF4 exclusively since it’s relase. I have not been able to put the game down…However, I have gotten a little burned out lately and don’t want to ruin the SSF4 release. I picked up Tekken 6 yesterday to play until SSF4 is released but just can’t seem to adapt to it’s vastly different system. Anyone got any suggestions on something else to play until April?

Should I give T6 more time?


Really? Alpha, 3s, ST, HDR, HF, Marvel, KoF98/02/11, a lot of stuff you can play for free or relatively cheap. And online for free. Why not take this time to check out what came before SF4 since you’re waiting for the next new one?


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Play 3s or HDR. The cool thing about those games is you can learn shit that’ll help you when Super comes out. Especially in HDR


Tekken 6 is an awesome game IMO but it’s a game that if you have NO KNOWLEDGE of how to play you are in for a hell of a learning curve. People always concentrate on how the game is heavy on juggles but general whiff punishing and spacing with pokes is more important. Especially since single hit non launching blows do huge damage in this game. Like even basic stuff like the way you block is different in Tekken. In SF you’re taught to always block low and look for overheads or jump ins when people are pressuring you. In Tekken it’s the opposite. Everything that’s scary in Tekken hits high or mid range (mid range is basically overhead…can’t crouch block) so the idea is to stay stand blocking in Tekken and look for low attacks to low block. Now the problem with that is at least in SF just looking for the right way to block something is all you really need to stay at least competitive and not be a free target. Though in Tekken sitting and blocking like SFIV just makes a huge target for moves that guard crush (puts you into a block stun that gives the opponent huge frame advantage), throws that have 3 different escape commands depending on the throw and must be escaped before the grab connects. Not to mention if you start trying to be randomly aggressive if you are using moves with laggy recovery on whiff they will just sidestep your ass all day. The defensive play in Tekken requires generally more thought and more active pressing of the joystick and buttons. It’s like you basically have to learn how to fly an arcade style plane just to block and move correctly in Tekken.

Luckily though most people that play Tekken 6 online don’t even know enough about Tekken to be able to play that way that would just have you feeling near useless. Which is why people tend to use characters with dry block stun heavy strings like Baek or Eddy Gordo in delay to make up for the fact that they know shit all about Tekken. I would suggest just reading the Tekken basics forum on tekkenzaibatsu.com. Other than that good luck and I think if you take it slowly and ask questions either in the Tekken thread on SRK or on zaibatsu you should have a fun time at least learning something new and a new way to go about playing fighting games. Tekken 6 if you decide to really get into it is a really intricate game IMO and will tide you over if you actually learn it easily until IV comes out.

The problem is too many people on this forum are literally people coming from a long hiatus from SF and just staying comfortable with a game that coddles you when it comes to gameplay. Not being a calculated and mistake prone player is pretty a ok in SF as long as you get your flashy ultra off or reverse dp a few things. Which in effect all leads to a burn out because you’ve just done so much SFIV and have plateaued in your gameplay to a point where you just wish Super was out yesterday.


Many of my sources say [media=youtube]0FowchEqquQ&feature=related"[/media] is a fine alternative to Street Fighter 4.


dude, WindJammers is the muthaeffin SHIT!

So many heated MM’s on that game back in the day…omfg



There’s no alternative to the BEST GAME EVA! :party::cool::wow::woot::rock::hitit::love:


hay im looking for a video game to play? do you guys know any video games???


Gameplay-wise I’d say CVS2 is the closest to SFIV.


SFIV is not the only fighter. Dig around the other games section or even in this subforum more.


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Umm, excuse me? SFIV IS the ONLY fighter worth playing these days. There’s really no reason to play anything else.

I’m still utterly shocked, amazed, bamboozled, baffled, disgusted and furthermore surprised at a blasphemous thread such as this where someone would even suggest talking about an “Alternative” to the best game in the Universe. No… in existence.




Why has Battle Fantasia not been mentioned (within the serious answers) yet?


Good question; the game is a whole lot of fun. Kinda wish I could play it with people since I’m feeling the SF4 burn out. The more I play it, there more I see all the stuff that I don’t like. Meh. Definitely give T6 more time. While what DevilJin says is definitely right, the game itself is a lot of fun and fore the most part shit there will make sense. That’s it not say that it doesn’t have its own flavor of bullshit but once you start seeing how the frames work in the gameplay, what’s safe and what isn’t, the game becomes mad fun. Hell, the game is fun even when you’re just mashing around.

Or try battle fantasia, game is also a lot of fun.


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom


I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing wrong with revisiting the classics.


HDR, ST, TvC, MvC2, take your pick bro.


pick up SF THIRD STRIKE and practice this game. Try to get good over time and it will not only be a fun and phenomenal experience, but will help you become much stronger at other games like SFIV.


3s or blazblue