SF4 and BlazBlue shindig Trumbull, CT 8/1/09 2pm


Whats up all!!! Its time again for another tourney in Trumbull. This time I am adding in BlazBlue to the mix. Here is the info.

Date: August 1, 2009

Place: Trumbull Mall GameStop (Next to American Eagle)
5065 Main st.
Trumbull, CT

 This is where my store is. Swing on in anytime to sign up. The tournament will be held in the JCPenny Court area. Nice big open area. My last two tourneys were held here and ran very well.

Time: Registration and casuals will start at 12pm; tournaments will start at 2pm.

Entry Fee: $0

BYOC or stick.

The tournaments will be run on 360. Pending how many setups we can get , we can have a casual section for each. As for prizes, that is still up in the air considering this is all run by me and its in a mall. I cant charge. But, this will get the people who arent tournament players to start seeing what its like to be in a tournament. I do this for the love of SF and BlazBlue. Not for money.
I hope you all can make it.