SF4 (and other) 360 Side tournaments

Hey everyone,

This should probably be two diff post but they are sort of related and of interest to 360 stick users…

  1. So i was all psyched about going to Evo this year with SF4 released. Imagin how saddened i was to find that SF4 is going to be run on PS3’s only (for totally understandable reasons).

So as a 360 owner (and thus 360 stick owner and player) i was wondering if anyone knew anything about or was planning on setting up a 360 SF4 side tourny?

I’m still going to evo, not being able to use my 360 stick isn’t going to stop that. But with converters running an arm and a leg and only a week to get my hands on a PS3 stick for the main tourny, i was just wondering.

2)Also, i know there is a thread for Side tourny’s but, mabye we should start one that’s 360 specific, for any other 360 user’s who may (and will!!) come to evo to getz buzy.

Weren’t you warned months ahead that PS3 will be used for sf4?

Well that’s not really the point of this post is it :smile:?

I don’t remember this info being posted (or at least i didn’t see it posted) until about 4 weeks ago. Even with that much time i’m sure other people that already invested in 360 pads/sticks would want to get down and get some tourny action on as well and either a) can’t afford a ps3 stick/pad as well or b) don’t WANT to buy two sticks/pads for different consoles.

I just think it would be a good idea to have a central location of info for these people (360 users play fighters too yknow).

If i had the TV’s and a 360 to spare (along with a affordable way to get them across the country) i’d run it myself (BTW down to help get one going if oneone else has already gotten the ball rolling). That’s why I asked the first question, if anyone has heard about or was organizing one.

Just trying to actually use the boards to help fellow 360’ers players out as oppose to trash talk and thread derail (which i see on SRK way more then i needed, not saying you were kane).

Pay someone to borrow their stick.

If you had come up with this a few months ago you might have had a bit more interest. At this point you’re better off just waiting for next year. The majority of players (at least the ones I know) already have bought a back up PS3 stick/controller or have a dual mod stick like myself. At this point if ur not prepared…you’re just not prepared.

I’m not trash talking, but the info that EVO would be on PS3 was released months ago. Just saying :slight_smile:

Over a year actually, it was when HDR was in beta.

or even borrow a converter, jesus christ a 360 sf4 side tournament? are you a fucking moron?

Just borrow someones stick and play on a ps3 set up, or buy a ps3 stick.

If your on the byoc and someone sees a lone 360 set up of sf4 with no one playing it and its a wasted tv people gonna give you mean looks.

Just go with the flow and play on the preferred platform that was decided months ago.

www.evo2k.com for rules and details.

For those that acctually had something to contribute, thanks. It’s pretty late in the game, just like with playing
the games thou…if you give up without even trying you’ve already lost :-).

Made the choice to come to evo pretty late too (ended up getting the time off and a good return :slight_smile: lol)

Guess i’ll just be getting my casual and side tourny
on this year. If the info was posted along with HD remix i must have missed it (i’ll admit I used to check SRK is spurts. Everyday
for a week or two then not again for a week or two etc). Like devilJIN said, mabye if i had done this a few months ago. I
Hear borrowing EQ isn’t too easy (with heads stealing stuff, seen it happen enough to not expect any kindness).

Goalith: If someone is willing to let me borrow great. I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or just a dick, but either why
you can kiss my ass with that tone and vibe son fa real. Take that wannabe net hood $hit somewhere else cuz i don’t play that ish.
I asked a honest question
on some chill ish and cats like you love to dip in their 2 pennies like they matter. If you ain’t got nothing good to add