SF4 and Super Neo Candy 29 Cab?

So I have a candy cab (with 6 buttons) at the house running Puzzle Fighter and I also have a spare PC collecting dust.

I was thinking of using J-PAC from Ultimarc to get the PC running in the cab with MAME. Thinking of maybe going one step further and get SF4 running on it. The PC has decent specs to run SF4.

Question I have is, would the cab’s monitor be able to run SF4 if I use the J-PAC adapter to connect the PC to the cab? I’m not sure of the type of monitor it has, but I’m pretty sure it’s stock and hasn’t been changed at all. Reason I ask is because of all the arcade setups I’ve seen for SF4 are with LCD monitors and the cab I have is a an arcade monitor (CRT?)

Thanks for any help!

You would probably want an ArcadeVGA as well, and run SF4 in 640x480.

Actually, the ArcadeVGA is probably not powerful enough to run SF4. You would need an external scan converter to take your VGA 640x480 signal and convert it to 480i 15KHz signal that your arcade monitor can accept.

I think I will be buying a Neo Candy 29 soon.

Is it easy to add the extra buttons?

Also what its the minimum specs for running CPS3 games?