SF4 - Applying what I practice

I’ve been practicing SF4 AE game as much as possible lately, and while I love playing it, I’m VERY bad at it…can’t do more than win a few random online matches by a hair. While I have a ton of weaknesses, I know one thing for sure: combos/setups that i can pull off in training mode almost never come out in a match. It’s not even a matter of dropping combos or links…it’s just me going brain-dead and not doing them at all. How do you guys apply what you practice in training mode? I need to figure out a way to make my practice practical…which is the point of practicing anything.

street fighter isnt about combos, control the space by zoning and footsies, after you get that down, work on combos.

You just have to not go on auto pilot. Keep your head in the game at all times. Watch videos but watch them actively not passively and you’ll soon learn how to apply the links to real matches, how to space people, set them up and control them.

Just keep practicing until the combos you are trying to do are muscle memory. Execution is a great part of the game as well as mind games.

Go for your shit. Make a concerted effort to try to hit the stuff you practice every single time you have the opportunity. Don’t worry so much about winning the matches. Worry about doing what you want to get better at. That’s the only way to improve.

if you could look at the apprentice thread i am offering teaching/coaching of sf4 play to anyone who wants as such contact info and what i can teach is in my discription on the thread.