SF4 arcade machine

I’m interested in purchasing the full cabinet and SF4 japanese game. I live in Atlanta GA. I know it would be very expensive. If anybody has a line on where I could get this and how much it would cost let me know.

Obviously, if I was able to get it, I would let all the locals play (or out of towners). So if anybody knows anything let me know. I got the money just need a reliable seller.

Thanx, PYMP

How expensive is it?

From a direct vendor, you’d be obligated to get the obvious package(4 boards at 24k).

because you need two boards for it to actually run like 10K for 2x cabs and boards

when i say 10k that GBP, so in dollars $20k

That’s pretty high unless you charge 75 cents a game.

That’s the price we’ve been told…

If you have the kind of money it would take to purchase an SF4 Cab I would like to be your friend. Are you available?



That’s just for boards. You can get two boards (minimum 2 needed to play VS play) for $12,000.

YOu want the cabinets to go with them? Another $10,000.

$22,000 for VS play Street Fighter 4 on 2 boards.

One board means you can only play against the computer, and the Taito Type X II boards are a little wacky when hooking up to regular monitors.

Your best bet is to get it, and put it on location somewhere to make your money back, but $12,000 for just a set of boards and you need 2 cabinets anyway? Wow.

Thats actually cheaper than “I” thought it would be, I was figuring $40k but $22k is actually do-able. the question is how long would it take for a machine like that to generate an actual return on the initial investment?

Just wait for console release and put the console in a cab. Voila

Depends on where you have it, how much you charge, times the place is open, and the maximum amount of plays per hour.

No matter where you put it, it will make money because people are going to travel and play it. That’s why I wanted to put one here in Nashville.

Problem is, at $12,000 for two boards, and sacrificing cabinets that require HD monitors, you are looking at $15,000 invested already.

Let’s say you charge $0.75 a play, and each match lasts 4 minutes, which is average.

15 matches an hour = $12 an hour average IF everyone plays, 8 hours a day.

$100 a day - slow sessions = $500 a week or so

$2000 a month x 6 months = $12,000 IF the game is played non stop almost for 6 months.

In 6 months, the console version comes out. It would be good if the value of the board remained at $12,000 in 6 months, but it probably will not.

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Even though one can more or less figure out this kind of guesstimation with some common sense, it’s cool to see how someone actually running an arcade would crunch these kinds of numbers to make their business decisions.

So what’s the story, you getting a machine?

That’s what I was wondering. How the hell do arcades make money in this day and age?

I’m gussing arcades would charge $1.00 per play but even so it’d probably take a few years to make any money.

Unless they lease their machines which I would guess they do.

Ask Cen how he makes money since the CTF is still open and booming. Arcades don’t die its the people that own them that suck. Not fixing the hardware is what keeps us in my state out of them.