SF4 Arcade Scene in Frankfurt, Germany?

I’m about to spend 10 days doing a trade show in Frankfurt for the company I work for.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if there’s an arcade or something where I can get my Street Fighter fix? I don’t care if it’s Vanilla, I just don’t want Street Fighter withdrawal lol.

You won’t find any SF cabs, but if there will be a local tournament on 2 October with close to 100 people listed to attend.

Super FFM-Rumble 4 on 02.10.2010 sponsored by Capcom, Mad Catz, Zen United, HeadUp, HORI, Flashpoint, Microsoft - Meetings & Matches - Hardedge - Fighting with style

That doesn’t do me any good, I leave on the 12th and come back on the 21st lol.

Well you could always post a message on the international forum on the Hardedge site, they frequent that more than SRK. I would come down for casuals if I wasn’t deployed, always enjoy Chun-li mirrors :x


Are you still out in Germany? I’m currently in K-Town atm. Although I haven’t seen any arcades out here I do go on Xbox live every once in awhile!

I’m still stationed at Germany, Spangdahlem to be exact. It’s about one hour away. I’m currently deployed, but I’d be glad to hit you up for some SSF4. There’s a small chance I’ll be able to make that Frankfurt tournament in October, but anyways I should be back somewhat soon so you can add me on xbox live. And if you know any other players tell them to get their ass on SRK, I want more fighting game players in the service, tired of madden/halo/CoD…

HAHAH, funny you say that, most of my friends here and in the states play madden/halo/cod… However, I do have a couple of friends back home that play, (albeit it does lag sometimes.) I’ll be gone most of Oct as I will be doing some traveling back and forth but I’ll shoot you an invite… looking forward to playing a couple of games with you.