SF4 arcades in Japan

Hey I am on a 14 day railpass in Japan and wondering where all the arcades are with sf4. The only ones i’ve heard about are a-cho in kyoto and big box in tokyo.
Thanks a lot

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^^^ nice response, guy. SRK people so helpful.

Go to Bigbox busy times after work hours, I believe. Find [media=youtube]0K0Hs-7d1hE"[/media] guy or any American looking guys there, introduce yourself and they can tell you where all the action is. Bigbox is probably your best bet anyways.

Also, Nakano TRF Directions:

  1. From JR Shinjuku Station, take the Chuo Rapid line to Nakano. I think it’s the red color line.
  2. When you arrive at Nakano, exit at the west exit and turn right.
  3. Find the giant indoor shopping arcade in front of you across the street called Sun Mall (???)
  4. Walk all the way down the shopping arcade(you will pass a McDonalds on the left) until you enter a ghetto department store/shopping complex directly in front of you.
  5. Ride the escalator up to the 3rd floor.
  6. Find the stairs and go up one floor to the 4th.
  7. Walk around until you find TRF or find a map.

P.S. Im bitter you get to level up in Japan. Better show me some tricks when you get back!

Hey phenomenub. I actually did do a search and my post comes up second. First post is a worldwide arcade thread that doesn’t have much specific info on Japan. Only other thing I could find is a arcade discussion on Japan but it’s 50 pages deep by now and they’re all just talking about matchups and throwing out names (not cities) of various arcades. Nothing posting a list of every arcade in Japan with SF4.

Anyways thanks for the info LOS. I am in Osaka right now and gonna be heading to Kyoto tomorrow. I hear there’s some SF4 action there too. I don’t know how much leveling up I will be doing but I’ll be sure to pass on anything I learn to you. On Thursday I should be arriving in Tokyo and will be doing 4 days straight of Big Box hopefully.
Peace out

well, god forbid people post SF4 topics in the SF4 forum…

Or world matchmaking topics in the world matchmaking forum.

SFIV is all over the place, you shouldn’t have problems finding it in arcades since arcades themselves are all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:

In Osaka here I’ve found almost no players though – unless there’s one or two specific arcades that most of the good people play at, this doesn’t seem to be a good location for SF. So good luck in Tokyo then.