SF4 Artwork

Heres some of my recent drawing of C.Viper:

I went through 2-3 iterations… and finally decided on this version you see here just yesterday. I realized how fun it is to draw her… I tried to capture her essence along with both of her special attacks. Im assuming she can never do both?? but o well…

Heres the final version of her… It was done in Photoshop roughly 6-7 hours. and i hope you guys like it… Your welcomed to use this image as long as you give credit where its deserved.

Still havent gotten her out of my system… so heres a Special Alternate version of C.Viper with her Hair down :x… This is my depiction of her long hair :wink:

Done in PhotoShop 2-3 hours.

…hopefully i’ll have more to contribute this coming week.

Amazing m8, wish I could something like that

Impressive painting Bro’

nice photoshopping doode

excellent pieces man. What kind of tablet did you use?

very nice art! would’ve been bad-ass if her alternate costume in the game had her hair down like that :frowning:

Sexy Viper artworks you did there.

Very Very Nice :lovin:


thnx :wink:

hey, nice pics. Viper with her hair down looks really cool… (yet kinda generic. the braid thing really defines her look)

loving the colors :slight_smile:

beautiful, just beautiful. i love the flames on her heels

That’s some pretty fuckin’ awesome work, both look great

That second viper is Fucking sick man.
It kinda reminds me of Samurai Jack.
Seriously man… Sick stuff.

glad you guys liked :wink:

Those are awesome, I especially like the Viper you drew with out the braided hair!

love the color usage in your works.

Nice, especially the one with her hair down.

Great work with colors, the lines are great too, but i love the color :wink:

Whhhhhattt?!?!!? I wish I can learn photoshop like that. GJ!