SF4 At WolfGang's Crib

So ive been thinking about hosting lately and my roommate doesnt care if i host every week so finally im making this thread. I have 5 set ups at my place there all xbox 360 except for two of them. I only play sf4 but if anybody wants to play anything else then im down to play and dont mind if you bring it. I live in san francisco in parkmerced which is right across from SFSU.

I live in an apartment but i have a really big living room which is where the setups will be and is where we will be. Beyond the living room is where my roommate is so we have to leave her, her space. I dont care if anyone drinks or anything BUT there is NO smoking in my place and dont drink to the point where you cant control yourself becuz i cant have my neighbors complaining and at that point im throwing you out, and clean up your own shit i dont wanna have to pick up after people and i dont want my roommate tripin out on me. I dont care who comes just be cool and dont start anything i just want a good friendly gaming atmosphere.

Im thinking about having it on fridays around 7pm until whenever we get tired of playing. However i know that friday is a day when most people go out so what i wanna do is see what day is better for people and then which ever day has the most request ill go with that one.

Good luck man. Make sure the cops don’t come due to noise.

Yeh, it’s more a matter of what the neighbors will cal noise complaintsl for, which in our neighborhood is just about everything.

Then we’ll have to keep the noise down, all of us are adults i think we can control ourselves

… tired of playing since when did this occur… i smell the return of “Wolfgang Mikes Beatdown Fights!”


Hi sir, how do you do. It’s been a while since NCR, how you been?

yessss, finally! let’s get this thang going man.

I dunno man you get pretty hype…lol we got security called on our BBQ I think you’d gone inside at that point though…Parkmerced neighbors can be some bitches, but you live in an area that has a lot of students, so it may not be as bad as around my parts.

I’m down for this for sure. Finally, console playtime by SF! Count me in.

I don’t know man, Thrust and Moses gets a little over excited when they beat me. They’d probably throw a parade at your gig.

sup wolfgang, maybe when me and my gf visit SF, we can stop by your place and say hello. pm me ur number so that sometime we can talk bro.

I hope to see you guys up at the REvolution in Reno!


YO FRESNO!!! Man yall cats are always welcomed to come to anything i throw much love to Central Cali. Kaizer im still trying to get my Sagat like yours lol but we need to play sometime. Switch to xbl thats the only system i have lol. Ill pm you my number.

Yea i know it has been awhile and i havent sent my usualy text to everybody but you know its still peace. love, and tiger uppercuts. lol. Whats been up???

Yea WolfGang Mike is hungry to get better so im gonna try to beatdown as much as possible lol.

Like i said to everyone i dont care who comes just pm me your number and ill pm you my number and we can start this thing hopefully by next friday.

Yo Wolfgang is it cool if I roll through to your next event? You gave me your info already at State during the tourney, but I couldn’t show because I got sick. LMK man

lets get this shit up again!

Directions? I wanna come over and play lol.

Just saw kurokiba’s post in the other thread. Can I get an invite too? I’m not too lame, I promise! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo all of you guys can come im cool with it just be chill and respectful to everyone else. If any of you dont have my info then pm me and ill give it to you. Also you guys should post in the “san francisco world warriors thread” its about getting a good community in sf so go post so we all can start playing “consistently”!