SF4 : Auto Correct DP


Ok, so I got some questions about auto correct SRK

I use Ryu, against standard shoto crossup short/forward I use this mehtod ; Input :dp: as they pass through my midpoint, then hit :p: when they hit me

This works, however I read for ambiguous crossups I must do this for best results

:db::d::df::db::d::df::l: + :p:

I got some questions

  1. When do I start to input? With method one, I know to input SRK as they pass through my midpoint. I don’t know when I need to start this

  2. Speed ; do I need to input it rly fast? Or just moderate? Does it matter if I throw in the odd stray input by mistake, but still include all the key inputs

  3. Which way do I input for which side? I don’t know if :db::d::df::db::d::df::l: + :p:
    is for them coming from P1 side or P2 side

The reason I ask is because method one doesn’t seem to work(?) against some stuff, like dictator j.mk, when done ambiguously. I tried method 2 and got it like, 1/1000 times =/

Just want to know is there a universal window/starting point for when I can input, or is every jumping move different? I tried in training but can’t get it, maybe I;m going wrong somewhere?


Learn to Block, Its guaranteed to work against Cross-ups. If you know how to Anti-air, thats enough, if its too deep, then just block


F, DF, D(As They’re Crossing Over), “DB”(It’s actually read DF in the game engine as it’s always relative to the way you’re facing them), “B” and obviously P as you would do any other autocorrect.