SF4 Battle Points

I just wanted to make this clear: If Capcom and the PSN had better online support and met consumer demands regarding their ladder system and ease of use, BPs would mean the world. It’s like when Blizzard introduced Battle.Net. You could tell who the best players were in the respective realm in WarCraft 3, for example. I hope they do something about the disconnects. Setting up invitationals are a hassle too.

indeed , the community & competition in sf would increase alot if they would take note from battle.net

best option they could add is to make ur own ladders, where u would have to register on a site to b able to play in this ladder, meaning u could organize srk ladders/ paid money ladders with prizes . ( again look at battle net :p)

another feature is replays/ game lobbys
ability to create tourneys, or ability to register a game , ie ( Y plays vs X ),
& somewhere we can verify that Y won vs X , else online tourneys could b a “*****” if Y says i won & X says i won

starcraft competition/community ftw


game lobbys should be standard for all online games imo

one word: REPLAYS

No crap, eh. We’ve got a console with a HDD, but still no ability to actually record matches? Battle.net’s had this feature for friggin’ ages, and with Youtube you’d think that implementing this feature would be a no-brainer/first thing out the gate-type of things, especially with competitive games like fighters.

So much technological advancement, so much loss of simple common sense (and features of the like).

I like this.

Xbox live SF4 online is the same deal, same BP system, same problems, same disconnects. Only you have to pay for it.

Google ‘Championship Update’.

Also: Battle Points mean nothing, and they never will. You should get used to it.