Sf4/BB/Kof12- 7/25, cincinnati OH


July 25th will be a momentous fighting game occasion for Cinci, OH; as Roxx coffeehouse and games will be hosting a fighting game tourney for 5 newer/ rerealeased 2d fighters. The event will start at 1pm at roxx. There will be a $5 venue fee to cover every event, and buy ins for each game being split 60/25/15% or 60/40% depending on the number of participants. Events are as follows:

Street Fighter IV on 360 ($10)
Blazblue on 360 ($10)
King of Fighters XII on 360 ($10)
Street Fighter II hdr on 360 ($5)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 on 360 ($5)

Please byoc as we cannot guarantee that everybody who brings a stick will be completely generous.


I was considering coming till I saw all the 360s.


get some ps3s in there and then well talk…

FYI the fighting game world goes PS3-> 360.


Most people who come have sticks for 360, myself included and are willing to share. Also, ps3 = lame because of giganto load times, even with installs. 360 will be the general format for my events as about 90% of the people who have attended my previous events own or mainly play the games on 360. If you really want to play the ps3 versions you can bring your system and set it up for some matches, but I’ve found that most of my attendees prefer 360.


So, turns out with the reveal of MvC 2 being released the 29th instead of the 22nd, an alternate game is going to be inserted, and instead of just one, there will be 2 alternate games: Each with a $5 buy in:
King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match (xb360 arcade)
Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves (xb360 arcade)


The reason tournaments run on Playstation 3 is PSX --> PS3 converters are only like $20, so it’s beneficial to far more players overall. There are more high-quality sticks that people have compatible with Sony stuff than MS. Esp Marvel, cos few people play that on JP sticks (though some do) and there are really no U.S. Happ sticks for 360 outside of custom ordering a MAS or making one (which nobody is doing). The load times are definitely not lame either. Just FYI – good luck w/ your events.

You might want to check the SRK forum before hosting the next tourney, seeing as how ArcadeLegends has built a good playerbase up in the area already and has frequent tournies.


where is Roxx coffeehouse? i hope its not in colerain. Coffee houses are hype?


Roxx is in blue ash off of cornell road. Its just down the street from sycamore high school, and about halfway between reed hartman and montgomery rds.


Holy double posts Batman! Due to a delay in King Of Fighters XII I am going to make a very interesting format change in the tourney. With only a day of KOFXII to practice, I am going to make a new format for the SNK portion of the fighting game day. The new format with individual pot fees is as follows:
Street Fighter II HD Remix will be a $10 buy in, double elim.
Street Fighter IV $10 buy in, double elim.
Blazblue $10 buy in, double elim.
Snk Round Robin event: $10 buy in, round robin points system with matches to determine points ties: includes Kof '98 Ultimate, Garou (fatal fury) Mark of the wolves and King of Fighters XII. With this being round robin everybody gets to play each other once per event, any points ties are determined by matches in KoFXII.

Still a $5 venue fee. (they also have delicious coffee and food for sale, as well as bawls and other various energy drinks)


How many people are coming to this?


Good question sir. If I had more for sure confirmations I’d give you a definite answer, but I’m guessing 10 or more, probably not going to be ginormous, but it will be fun.

Also, looks like kofxii will not be out until the 28th, so the snk round robin tourney will be using 2 more classic snk games in place of kofxii, most likely samurai showdown 2 and fatal fury special from xbla, still same $10 price for the set.
I just picked up my copy of KoF XII from work, so the snk round robin tourney will go on as originally planned, KoF 98, Garou and KoF XII.


I agree with everyone else about the xbox. PS3 is pretty much the standard for fighting games now. If sf4 were ran on PS3 I would be there, but since it’s xbox only I won’t be.


That’s a shame man, i didn’t think arcade sticks were any different to play on between systems as we’ll have some 360 ones there.



Snk Round Robin tourney:
1st place- Mad Possum
2nd place- Jason

1st place- Chris
2nd place- Mad Possum
3rd place- Travis

Street Fighter IV-
1st place- Chis…again!
2nd place- Mad Possum
3rd place- David

Thanks for comin’ out and making this tourney sweet!


Yeah man, that was a fun tourney. =)

I have a question, will you be putting up the photos you took there?

GGs to the people I played in BB and SFIV as well.


I can, i’ll have to get them off my phone, or get the ones from the other guy with the real camera. Next time I’ll see if I can get video of some of the matches, hopefully the finals at least.


Alright, cool. Thanks. =)


Thread has been moved with links to pics to the results section. Also, here is a link (also in the new thread) about getting a fight club started at roxx.