SF4 Bison - How do I beat the jumping backwards "strategy"?


Hi. 100% of the people I play in G2 do the jumping backwards thing, it annoys the hell out of me, especially when I lose. At this rate I’m going to be stuck in G2 (scrub zone) for a while, and since they all do that, is there an effective counter strategy? Any tips and pointers will be much appreciated.
Oh and does anyone know if his stomp and devil’s reverse in Super sf4 are going to be more like they were in ST?


If they want to corner themselves early in the match why should you try to stop them?


Record exactly what they are doing in training mode, then experiment for effective counters.


You mean like jumping away from you?

Bison’s strength comes from pressuring his opponents when cornered. Like Mnszyk said, let them corner themselves, then don’t let them out.


See, like all scrubby strategies this only works online, I don’t recall having troubles with people cornering themselves in offline games.


yep… they jump back because they know most bison players are “rush down” players… thier strategy is to basically have u attack first and hope u make a mistake then they counter attack… they repeat this and from habit, u keep falling for thier trap… and lose…

to counter this, rush to them and do nothing… just get close enough to a point where you’re comfortable, then attack… build momentum, use some crossups or play footsies… when it comes down to it, you need to practice bison to be good enough to play all styles…

if u get them in the corner and they still keep jumping, s.hk works great because you’ll catch them…

you can also be less of a rush down bison player and change to the turtle mode… lol…


i see it all the times… players like Seth who just jumps backwards with the j.hp… i think it’s safe to say that’s part of seth’s playing style (many of the times)… then u rush down and they fly across the screen to do the same thing?.. lol… pretty frustrating huh?.. and timing with teleport is pretty hard since there’s that frame data delay…


Why does this only work online? If you are playing bad connection games, stop that.

Let’s assume you are playing a 5 bar game, and the overall lag is no worse than slightly bad LCD tv lag. Why is this only working online? What is preventing an offline player from doing the exact same stuff? Do not blame this on “online scrubiness”, as this is not a hard to react to gimmick that works better online than off.

As others have said, you need a strategy going into the match, and you need to learn matchups. If they’re jumping back with Hk, or whatever, just dash/walk forward. Eventually they’ll be in the corner. If you let them escape without them losing a huge portion of their health, your strategy is bad, and you need to learn what they’re going to do to escape the corner (and according to you jump back 4-5 more times).

Let’s assume the match begins, they jump backwards and throw a fireball. You dash forward and block the fireball, or fadc through the fireball. They have lost valuable space for no real reason, and will likely jump back again. Dash forward again (don’t press your luck against most people, you’ll want to block after you dash in), regain your charge, if nescessary, and if they throw another fireball, fadc through it again (or ex scissors if you have meter), and either begin a blockstring (which are mathematically pointless for most characters, but you can get decent chip damage out of light scissor kicks) or block the SRK that is likely coming. You are now in their face, and really, really scary. DO NOT CROSS THEM UP WHILE THEY ARE IN THE CORNER, UNLESS IT IS FOR THE WIN. This lets them out for free, and is something I see all too many dictators do.

Let’s say they get out of the corner, you have to seriously ask yourself why they were able to get out, and it will most likely come down to you doing something stupid and unsafe, or not being aware of a gimmick. Revamp your game, learn from the match, and don’t blame it on “It’s online” no matter how tempting. Most of the “online bs” works perfectly fine offline, too, and if you don’t learn to deal with it you will have very obvious holes in your gameplay.

Also, get more involved with the TO scene. TO and MTL are the most legit scenes in Canada, and you should easily be able to get good tips from locals that can pinpoint exactly what you are doing wrong if you are genuinely interested in getting better.


Anyone that jumps over and over can pose a problem for Bison, since he doesn’t really have a go to AA attack. Like other people have said, let them corner themselves and then start applying some pressure. Of course they’ll probably try to jump out of the corner because that’s the only thing they know how to do, so either tag them with a s.RH on the way up, or try to predict the jump and j.strong. If you have ultra, go ahead and hit them with j.strong x2 -> Ultra. If not, just land and hit them with another s.RH.

EX HS also stuffs most jump out attempts, so keep that in mind.

Most of the time these guys will have some little gimmicky “inside game,” which usually consists (at least in my experiences) of some sort of neutral jump -> throw, or tatsu -> dp. I’ve only encountered these kind of players using Shotos, hence the examples. Just play it safe and react to their openings, because they will have some. You’ll probably land a shit load of Hell Attack -> Ultras just because they jump so much.


Thanks for all the advice guys, I’ll practice more, learn some new tricks and see what I can do.


See when I played online for the first time I had a big problem against these types of players as well… especially shotos who jump back.

Thing is this must be an eye opener that your Bison is indeed too predictable and you should space better. Try to get the life lead and just sit back and watch them jump back all day. Try to space well before they jump and then tag them with your standing roundhouse. Try to poke and space well using standing Roundhouse and standing medium kick. And if they are in a corner you can start your bison game by keeping them cornered.

You could also counter jump them sometimes with jump mp2 x2 leading into ultra or if you don’t have ultra jump mp and then when they fall down st. RH or st. Fierce. If you predict your opponents jump you could also counter jump them with jumpin fierce. Try to play the match a bit more patient if they keep jumping back. If they aren’t advancing your way there isn’t much pressure anyway.

People who use this kinda style of gameplay can’t zone very well most of the time. So get a life lead and watch them jump. If they try to trow fireballs they won’t be very good at it, so just block or jump over or focus dash some of their fireballs.

Oh and for the love of god don’t try to headstomp people jumping backwards. It will whiff everytime. As a matter of fact don’t try to rely on your headstomp too much. It’s good for chip and if you predict some people jumpig towards you but don’t use it as your to go special move. Poke alot with your st mk and st rh.


I usually slide when people jump back(if they’re jumping back to get out), it even goes under akumas air fireballs. It really makes their space disappear,

This is also one of the situations where psycho crusher can be useful because you can chase them and hit them on their way down.


chase em down and st.RH all day.