SF4: Button Configuration/Layout

(Search isn’t working for me so sorry if my newbness upsets)

I got my very first ever stick along with SSF4 two days ago. One problem I can’t seem to overcome is FADC. I think it’s too hard with my current layout/doesn’t mesh well with my fingers. :sweat: I am wondering what most people use/find the best/easiest on their button mapping. For the record I am using (8 button):


I’m not really looking for a “here is how you do it” just a little guideline on how you veterans have it set up/what you find works best. Thanks in advance. :tup:

You’ve got the mapping right. I mean…that’s how it’s mapped in arcades – that’s “the only way.” You’re free to map it however you’d like but that layout is pretty much the golden standard. The 3P/3K mapped to the fourth buttons on each row is not arcade standard, however – that’s a console-only thing and most players don’t use it at all. In fact people that are comfortable and proficient with sticks don’t usually have those fourth buttons mapped to anything, using 3P/3K is considered a newbie trick. The low/medium/high setup you’ve got is right though.

Can you do grabs just fine? (LP+LK) If you can do grabs, you can hit focus. If you just now picked up a stick you may not be ready for FADC just yet.

…are you thinking dashing out of a focus attack is FADC? Cause that’s just dashing out of a focus attack. FADC is…a bit different.

Basically everyone has their buttons configured that way… you’ve only had the stick for 2 days, just keep praticing. If you can’t do it after a month then maybe the question would be warrented. Did you play Vanilla (SF4)? Did you use the pad?

Fast replies! :pray:Yes I used a 360 controller for my few months on Vanilla SF4. 70% win rate so I got… well pretty comfortable with it. I assumed the proper button setup was some other format by some bad Google searches, thank you for telling me I have it right. And Bigopinion I mean for example Dragon Punch > FADC > Ultra, ect. I just noticed I don’t really ever use my thumb, well at all, should that be on the MK? Maybe I’m moving my fingers too much. I know two days isn’t that long of practice but I hoped I would get this down within the first few days. :sweat: Either way thanks for the answer.

You just need more practice :slight_smile:

Street Fighter requires a lot of hand movements.
So it is cool to have hand moving a lot over Buttons.

For Focus Attack, I use Middle Finger on MP and Thumb on MK.
Though some people do use Pointer Finger on MK.
But I never tried it out; not natural for me.

Dashing out of a Focus Attack, thereby Canceling it, is cool to call FADC.
It makes sense, since it is in the name.

But people on this Forum do not call that FADC.
Like you, FADC is different to them.

It is when you do an EX Focus then Cancel it with a Dash.