Sf4 - c.viper - seismo -> sj meterless FADC


ok so… i know there have been numerous posts on this topic hides in fear of SRK flaming however i was wondering if anyone can really break this down for me step by step. i am really struggling on getting this down. i use the same motion as if i was doing seismo sj seismo but i always seem to be burning 2 meters to dash out of the seismo.

basically what i need help is the timing of when to do the motion for the sj and when to dash out of it. what cues can i look for to know when i did it too fast or too slow?

thanks for reading.

What you need to do is a qcf uf when you would put in that seismo, then quickly return to neutral then press foward and tap mp+mk. This motion gives you both the superjump cancel and the dash out, so as soon as you tap FA you should dash out of it as well. The motion should be smooth and start at about the same time you would go for a second seismo.

Alternatively you could do u, d, FA, f, f, but that’s harder imo, however if you could get that off it might help you understand the timing. Really all you can do is mess around with it yourself and see what works, as with everything you try as Viper it’s not going to work first time you do it then every time you do it, it’s a lot of trial, error and practice.

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OP: Try to PM a member here named Kenshishimura. You will see him in the UIUC regional thread. He is a friend of mine and he has a cool way of explaining how to do this. He may be able to help you out, if the other posts in the Viper forum haven’t made it “click” yet.

I will say that this is a pretty tricky thing to pull off and if you are new, you might not yet have the stick precision to make it happen…but definitely do NOT give up!

If you’re burning meter, you’re doing it too early; if you’re getting a sj, you’re doing it too late.
You can input the sj as soon as you do the seismo so you can concentrate on timing the focus. It’s just trial and error.

I do it seismo > u, d > wait fa dash

Hope that helps and good luck. With Viper I find myself spending more time in training mode than playing people, but once you get it down it’s worth it.

One thing that I always keep in mind while doing this is that it’s not qcf uf + FA, it’s qcf uf ~ FA. There’s a slight delay that you need to add after the uf to let the super jump cancel activate, but you need to do the FA in the startup of the super jump so you don’t go flying. In short:

Meter burn: FA too early.
Jumping: FA too late.

This is assuming you have EX Bars. If you try it in a match without two EX bars, pressing FA too early will also result in a super jump.

The next logical step for Viper after this is either Ultra or sweep, and I’d like to recommend plinking the sweep, that really helped me.

If you can do Seismo chains (seismo xx seismo xx seismo), you can use the same technique as that. What it is is just waiting til you see Viper hit the ground, then instead of hitting a punch for the next seismo, you hit MP+MK and dash out. That’s how I do it and I’m sure other Vipers do. If this doesn’t help, maybe one of the previous posts will.

It’s just the DP motion(F, D, DF) and end with upforward. I find it much easier than tapping down and up/upback/upforward into the DP motion.

I just do it straight up. I tried using short cut methods and the only one that works even a bit for me is the dragon punch motion then FADC. Other than that I just do d,u (slight delay) then MP+MK cancelled into forward dash.

thank you guys. i got the answers i’ve been looking for and gotta hit up that training mode till i perfect it like i did with FFF haha.

if i still feel like pulling my hair out in a couple of days i’ll definitely send a msg to your friend. ty ^^

i really appreciate all your responses. i can now do it like 60-70% just off one night of practice [ in training mode ]. i’ll keep working on it and hopefully it’ll get up to the 95-100% mark so i can start using it in matches. btw if anyone’s interested in knowing i use the dp motion for it. i just find it easier for me personally. the tip about delaying the FA was the biggest thing for me so again thanks.

instead of opening up a new thread for this, how about i just pose another question here since it’s all viper related.

ok, so any tips on how to do the bnb lk xx lk xx c.mp into sj ultra? i can do c.mp sj ultra sometimes but whenever i put it in with the bnb i can’t do it at all. i haven’t practiced this much b/c i have so much other things for viper to work on but it’s nice to have in my viper arsenal.

do i have to do the qcf qcuf motion really fast? or is there a specific timing to it? haha this is the last of all the viper techniques i have to learn. learning this character was definitely really hard to do, a lot of time and effort.

The best way to practice links into special moves or links into supers/ultras is to do it piece by piece. Practice just doing the close LKx2, c.MP combo by itself first until you have that consistent then add in the Ultra afterwards. I can do that combo most of the time now and the key if you’re using a stick with Sanwa parts is basically to be as light on the stick as possible. What I mean by that is basically that Japanese sticks require very little touch to the stick to get it to do what you want it to do. Like a optical or laptop mouse you barely have to move the mouse at all to get the arrow to move around in a full circle. Work on using as little throw as possible to get your 2 qcf’s out for the Ultra. If you’re light and quick on the stick it should come out after the c.MP. Do it fast but do it light. Don’t touch the corners of the stick since you don’t need to hit the corners of the stick to do circle motions on a Sanwa. Just fast, short and fluid.

haha deviljin thanks, informative as always. yeah i use a TE stick so i’ll try to be as light on it as possible haha.

i can do the lk xx lk xx c.mp basically all the time just whenever i know i want to be doing ultra i psyche myself out and fuck up on the ultra part. i don’t know how else to explain it. maybe it’s what us noobs to fighters get on hard combos ^^

best way for me to practice SJ ultra off normals is to practice it with a crouching fierce till you get used to the motions and then work on cr. strong which won’t be too difficult to adjust to after you have the timing down.

ps thanks for the shout out Parabellum :smiley:

yeah i think i got it now. thanks for all the inputs.

instead of creating another thread, i got ANOTHER viper question loll i swear last one. ok so how do you guys go about doing naked mp / hp feints? i can’t do these for the life of me and there must be some technique to do it. the only way i figured out how to do “naked” hp feints is to s.hp cancel into hp tk feint.

Thunder knuckle feints or seismo feints? I just do them raw and it was really just by practicing a lot in training mode. What are you getting when you mess up? The only real advice I could give you is to make sure there’s a slight delay bewteen the knuckle or seismo and the feint. If you do it too fast the game will think you’re mashing 2 buttons together throughout the entire input and you’ll get weird shit.

ah thunder knuckle feints. whenever i try to do a mp or hp tk feint without using any normal to buffer them i get the tk everytime.

so like say i’m just standing there and i wanted to do mp or hp tk feint how do i do it?

zerofxi is a viper scrub !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: good tips from DJ will help a lot hes da man when it comes to viper

Man, I remember before SF4 came out I really wanted to main Viper because I think she looks really cool. Reading this thread reminds me why I don’t use her, my feeble execution skills just can’t handle it.

You must not be doing it fast enough if you are getting the straight up thunder knuckle. Since it seems your execution is poor at the moment I would suggest you just learn how to cancel LP or MP knuckles for now. When I’m feeling leet I do naked HP knuckle cancels but that’s just for flash and not really necessary outside of blockstings and combos where it’s easier to do.

Just remember that when you to a naked thunder knuckle feint you have to press 2 punch buttons together before Viper starts to move forward. So basically the instant you finish the command for the thunder knuckle make sure the very next thing you do is hit 2 punch buttons together. Otherwise C.Viper will go flying forward. If you didn’t already notice you get more frames to feint your thunder knuckles when you do an attack before them. So when you are doing them straight up by themselves you need to reach for the 2 punches immediately after you do the thunder knuckle.