SF4 Camera Man. Move the camera while fighting


SF4 Camera Man is a tool you can use to move the camera in SF4. I made it just for fun, but I think it could have it’s uses. Here’s a demo:


I know I’m all over the place in the video, sorry. Also, sometimes the game uses a different camera which I SF4CM can’t control. Some ultras and command grabs uses the other camera.

If you guys think this is interesting, I’ll upload a test version later today, or tomorrow.

SSF4 in first person view!

I spent like hours trying to figure this out a while ago. Please do upload.

Oddly enough I think I found the other camera though I didn’t keep very detailed notes on it (sorry.) If anyone wants to sift through it sometime:

edit: oh, think i found it again.
camera lock (set value to 02)




Awesome! Looking forward to this release!


Excellent work!

The cinematic camera can be disabled per move, using the “Ono!” tool, btw.


This might be asking a lot, but if you could get this to work as a really fucking cool spectator mode for AE PC Online that would be awesome


Very cool!


It works fine while spectating online, and while watching replays too. I must warn you though, SF4CM writes to the game’s memory. I don’t know if you can get banned for using it. I have an account just for hacking and I’m not banned yet, so it’s hard to say.

There are some things I want to do before releasing it. The function which updates the camera in SF4 is constantly updating the camera position. The version of SF4CM that I used in the youtube video simply overwrites the values faster than SF4 can update them, but that’s a problem because it uses a lot of CPU. What I want to do is disable that function in SF4 while SF4CM is running. Unfortunately I can’t use the pointer posted by The Breaker (but thanks!) because that locks the camera completely. I want the camera to still be movable, but not updated by SF4 itself. I’ve found the addresses for disabling hor movement, hor angle and depth, but I’m still missing the addresses for roll, ver movement and ver angle. I’m working on it now, but I haven’t been able to get a lot of sleep, and I need to do that too, so it might take a little more time before I release it.
I would also like to disable the special animation camera, or overwrite it, but that has to come later.

Anyway, here’s how it works:

Mouse movement changes the angles (where you are pointing, like in fps games).
I, J, K and L moves the camera in the depth, and horizontal directions (forward, backward, left and right).
U and O moves the camera up and down.
Y, and P rolls the camera.


This is too sick, I want to know what a fight looks like in first person!



I actually tried that. It’s a little hard to get the camera just right, but yeah, it’s very strange. I did it by locking the camera to the player’s position, and locking where it was pointed to the opponent’s position. So when the opponent jumps, you look up, and when you jump, you look down. Doing fireballs was really weird, as they don’t go horizontally over the screen, but “in” to the screen. And you never know if you should do the quarter circle to the left or to the right as you don’t have a “side”, but are looking straight at your opponent. It was really buggy though, so it won’t be in SF4CM, at least not yet.



What about field of view (zoom)?


I don’t know how to change the fov (yet), sorry. Are you sure it’s possible?


Good stuff, if the right people get ahold of this I think we’ll see some pretty cool combo videos and fun ways to re-watch some top player replays.


Well, script/hack-wise I have no clue, but the game does change the fov during normal gameplay. Regarding the cinematic camera, you can see that Ryu’s pre-fight intro features a real zoom-in on his face. And in Vanilla SF4 there was a window-size-related way to trick the normal camera into adapting its fov to different window ratios on the fly with a smooth transition (SSF4 does not allow changing the window size even with desktop-managing programs). But, as I say, I have no idea if it is possible to do it with a tool.

Here are some pics I took in SF4 using one of those desktop-managing programs to force different window ratios:


Thanks, I didn’t know that. Anyway, I think I found the address just now.

I overdid it just to show the effect… Is this what you mean?


This will be sick for combo vids.


Good news and bad news.

Bad news first:
I found all the addresses SF4 uses to update the camera position, but it didn’t do me any good in the end. I’ve tried both NOP’ing the function and redirecting it to unused memory, but the game still crashes because it’s protected by xlive. I’m guessing it uses some kind of CRC or something. I don’t want, or have the time to start messing around with the xlive protection just to get this working. Maybe, if USF4 doesn’t use the same protection, I’ll update this once USF4 comes. So, because I couldn’t disable SF4’s camera updates, I had to do it the way I didn’t want it to be, sorry guys. SF4CM will use a lot of CPU trying to update the camera position faster than SF4, and it may twitch a lot on slower computers. I’m not exactly proud of how SF4CM works now, but as I said I would upload it, I will.

Good news:
I’ve uploaded it. Remember to read the readme! You will need to extract it to your SF4SO directory. If you don’t know what SF4SO is, go here:

I also added the zoom. Use 9 and 8 to zoom in and out.

You can get both SF4CM and SF4SO here:



I think all camera functions are covered now. :thumbsup:


I smell a fresh flavor of personal inovations pushing limits and look forward to what people will bring in the next future.


Capcom adding this feature with the right ui for replays could make a nice buff to their games and probably rise the final price a bit but for the better. For us and them.
There’s plenty of solutions for them to make a bit more money, and fans. Why they just sit back, I will never know…


Not sure why but the fights look a lot cooler with a new camera angle. Maybe because when it’s in standard view Im reading everything, and all I end up seeing are helpless bots that dont know what to do. But it in these different views I just see cool ass moves hitting people in the face.