SF4 Camera Man. Move the camera while fighting


It’s definetly possible, you just need to change camera offsets


Uploaded SF4CM v0.4 again. It’s the same as last time, only I’ve tried getting rid of the crashes. As SF4CM doesn’t seem to crash SF4 on my system I don’t know if this fix will work or not. You will need the original SF4CM v0.4 to use this. Just overwrite the old exe with the new one. You can download it from my site as usual.


Awesome tool. I’ve been using this to capture character’s intros, wins, and ultras for a project. Any chance that you’ll be doing something like this for SFxT?


CAMERA MAN Ultra Edition is now available!!!


Thanks Lullius! Lullius op!


v0.44 is out: http://www.slitherware.com/2014/08/10/sf4-cameraman-v0-44-released/

I’m having great fun playing with that tool, it really gives opportunities for nice screenshots, thank you lullius.




It’s great to have this mod back. However, when I pause the game with Tab I cannot nove the camera. I’ve tried resuming and pausing again, as it would sometimes happen in older versions, and it doesn’t work at all. I’m only allowed to move the camera while the game is in motion. Has anyone encountered this problem? I haven’t got Ultra, in case it matters.

By the way, I think I’ve realized why the character models behave weird when you angle the camera a lot (you know, they seem to stretch, even changing the relative position to each other character’s parts, for example a character’s arm may be clearly in front of the other characters’s and then they overlap and clip if you angle the camera a lot). I read this article about Guilty Gear Xrd and they say that that game along with SF4 have some sort of unique perspective correction for the characters that makes their models affected by camera position and angle, rather than leaving them in their perfect univocal threedimensionalness. It is explained in the pics with two Sols standing in the center and corner of the stage. They also mention that this only happens horizontally, which seems to match with what we see when using this mod.



so to get a jump on 1st person fighting, you actually don’t need any in-game buttons.
A quick setting is to:
1)enable Camera Lock
2)check Camera Lock Player 1 Head
3)check Angle Lock Player 2 Head
4)do a small Camera offset on X of 1, just to get past all your floating arms.
5) Disabling Cinematic Camera offers a seamless experience

pretty fun stuff, thanks a lot! dumbing down the competition is necessary cuz you basically have no idea what’s going on when you get ‘face to face’, lol


Any videos of some over the shoulder Street Fighting?


As soon as im able to upload to yt in high quality. Slightly offsetting the camera using -1s gives a very playable position. May take a couple of days to get the vid together tho, pretty busy


Unfortunately I can’t keep supporting all the previous versions of the game as that would simply be too much work. It might work without Ultra, but probably not. I always assume that people are using the most up to date version of SF4, and when I make a new release, that is the only thing I’ve tested it on.

I’m not sure. Most of the glitches and stretching seems to go away when you zoom out a little (don’t move the camera backwards, use the zoom out button). Even if I’m really close the the characters, if I’m zoomed out a little, I don’t think I can see any stretching…

Nice shots stinkyfingaz!

Anyway, I’ve just uploaded a new version.

CHANGELOG (v0.5 – 20th, aug, 2014)
Added FPS style camera movement. This should make it easier to move around in the game.
Camera Lock-On function changed. You can now circle the players with the mouse. Check the P1 box to angle the camera at P1, or the P2 box to angle the camera at P2. If both, or none of the boxes are checked, the camera will point at a place in between the two players.
Added the Speed slider. This will alter the speed of the characters. 0 (all the way to the left) is completely still,
1 is normal, and you can turn it all the way up to 10 (all the way to the right). Some moves will reset it to 1.
Small bugfixes here and there. Moving the camera while paused should work again now, although it is a little glitchy (the camera will sometimes stutter. I’m not feeling well at the moment, so I’ll have to look at it next time).

(Invisible changes)
I’m in the Vector Matrix. Code is a mess, needs a cleanup. Currently using SlimDX for vector stuff.

I’m hoping you guys think the camera is easier to move now than before. I’m doing it FPS-style now. If you hold forwards, you will always go the way you are looking. Even if you are looking up and down.

Get it from my site as usual.

Have fun!


I finally uploaded some, with over-the-shoulder view! I love this perspective. I don’t think I’m going back, ever. Regular view seems so… low tech. I got one more coming in the upload pipeline.



me getting my butt kicked online… still new to playing like this:

Enable Camera Lock
Camera Lock Player 1 Head
Angle Lock Player 2 Head
Camera Offset -0.5 X axis
Camera Offset -1 Z axis
Disable Cinematic camera for seamless ultras and intros


That looks so cool!

Especially when one character goes high or switching sides.

If you notice in fight scenes of thr movies they tend to do a 45 degree angle to show off the moves. Just awesome


No problem, man. The mod is amazing and it sure is a pain just to keep up with all recent updates. I have the latest version of “Ultra Street Fighter 4” as the game is officially called now on steam, but I haven’t got the actual upgrade to Ultra, so I guess it may cause problems (it seems that the DLC of the upgrade is not exactly trivial). Everything works fine but the feature of moving the camera while the game is paused with Tab, for some reason. The awesome new feature of pausing the individual characters helps a lot with that.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • The camera currently cannot rotate further when the mouse cursor reaches the edge of the screen, which is sometimes rather limiting unless we increase mouse sensitivity (this wasn’t a problem in previous versions because the camera would have a soft lock on the center). Would it be possible to rotate the camera further, regardless of cursor position?

  • I’ve noticed that the Tab pause no longer works after the KO and until the next round starts, at least in my case. If this is intentionally done for stabilitity, would it be possible to include a manual override for this? It would be cool to take our time screenshooting those victory poses.


My 3rd vid (and last for a while) is ready. You can get sense of vertigo from the beam moving on skyscraper stage, especially when on the edge! Lots of interesting perspectives with ultras (and ofc throws) actually hitting for gouken and juri



since i have a double post I’ll shameless link to a yt playlist with all three vids



i want to use this tool in SFXT


Beautiful! Especially that stage.

Have you thought about zooming out the camera, and keeping it slightly lower towards the groud, and zooming out to see both their bodies? I see it in a lot of fight scenes


like this? (note to self, offsets X -2.5, Y -0.5, Z -1)


call me crazy for saying this, maybe its just my imagination…but when I play online matches with this…I feel like a drop in input lag. its almost lag free with cameraman+SF4SO.

am I the only one here that feels theres less input lag with this while online?

is there something to the game’s native default camera angles between two players that cause input lag online?


Actually exactly like that!