SF4 Camera Man. Move the camera while fighting


Problem with this view is you’re gonna see the “holes” in the background (left side of screen lacks texture).

Based on this youtube video from Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the 3ds:

I made a sort of 3ds view, looking like that ryu vs sagat match:


Here are my settings:


It works quite well and you don’t see the faults in the background (I finished Arcade Mode without issue).

And for fun I made Ryu transparent to test a rear view à la Punch Out!!:


(this one is merely for test as it has issues with the backgrounds, it works well but it’s hard to use left/right to go front/back :P)


Okay my game must be screwed or something. I had a fresh install today. Cameraman worked fine the first few times I used it, then I went to do some mod stuff with dantarian’s loader, and then steam decided to download the “public beta” update, and now every time I try to use SF4CM it crashes the game, whether I’m using the loader or not.


I think there was a patch released earlier today. A new version of SF4CM is up on my site, it should work again now.


I was ready to say the same thing as Gojira.
thx lullius.


Thx, the new version works and doesn’t crash, so that’s great. Still having a couple of issues though:
-tab pause does not work anymore. Tried restarting the game and restarting SF4CM, no change.
-camera lock got really slow and stuttery. When I turn it off, everything is fine.


I know this has taken some time and I’m sorry. I just uploaded a new version now though. This one should work with the new patch.

You can get it from my site as usual.


Nice release, thanks. I like how compact it is now and ignoring the mouse cursor position makes it much easier to navigate.

I was still having trouble with the SF4CM pause until I read the backlog, sorry for bringing up a known bug.
However I do have a tip: if you pause the game with Enter it doesn’t seem to break the pause/step feature of SF4CM.


Why hasn’t anyone used this tool during poisons ultra 1 booty smack to get better angles?


Uh dude those are some of the most highly viewed “artworks” on the usf4 Steam hub


links plox


there’s two near the top of the list. I’m pretty sure there was a 3rd, but somehow, someway it must have gotten buried way down the list


Hello, I’m new here, but I would like to know how to use your program, I just downloaded and when I try to use it with USF4 it shows an error, like this:

I’m using the latest version of Ultra, with most recent update. BWT, thank you for the program, it looks great!


I think the latest patch broke the tool. It should be a quick fix. I’ll look into it as fast as I can, but I’m not home at the moment.


Thank you man!


Just uploaded a new version.

CHANGELOG (v0.6Ω - 20th, dec, 2014)
Made Cameraman work with the new patch for USF4 (version 1.04).
Fixed a typo which made rolling the camera not work in static camera mode.

(Invisible changes)
Updated a couple of memory addresses.

Get it here.

Have fun, happy holidays!


I noticed this so I thought it would be a good idea to add slow-mo to SF4 Cameraman as people were writing that the constant supers were distracting.

CHANGELOG (v0.61Ω - 30th, dec, 2014)
Added speed control for each character. They go from absolutely stand still to double speed. Remember to
check the “Set”-checkbox when altering the speed. Uncheck the checkbox and perform a move with
Super/Ultra-freeze to go back to regular speed.

(Invisible changes)
Added new function to set the speed of both characters.

The new version is available here.

Happy New Year!


Did a new patch break things again? It either crashes the game or throws out an error every time :frowning:


I don’t think it was broken then, but it is now. I’ve uploaded a new version that works with USF4 version 1.05. You can get it here.


Is there going to be a re upload?Because your site is not working. Thank You in advance!


Hello! Can anybody share your SF4 CameraMan 0.61 with the new patch for usf4 version 1.05
please send it to my email: 49939763@qq.com
Thanks very much !