SF4 - Charging directions

I am new to fighting games and I picked up SSF4 while it was on sale because I have been getting into the genre through streams and youtube and such.

I am interested in characters like Guile but I don’t understand how you charge directions while in the middle of fighting, such as doing normal hits and comboing into a flash kick or sonic boom.

I know that practice will be a big part of it, I just didn’t know if their is any kind of tutorials on it since I am new to the fighting game genre.

Watch trials videos where the stick is in view. That way you can quickly learn the optimal charge times for firing out a quick SB etc.

Practice practice practice and commit the sound of a fast charge into your memory so you can consistently smash one in.

A down+back input will charge both your back charge and your down charge, whilst keeping you in one place, so you don’t have to keep skirting backwards when you want to back charge, plus you can switch into a down-up charge if you change your mind mid-move.

Sometimes the charge in a combo will begin while you’re executing another move. Again, trials videos on youtube etc should help you out.

Personally I find Chun and Bison to be more forgiving than Guile to learn on.



Thank you both for the responses, very helpful.

I will be practicing a lot with this today.