Sf4: chun li versus ryu. Anti-air, anti-shoryuken, focus attack dash question


when I play online with Chun Li I bump into a lot of Ryus and Kens. I wanted some advice on a few scenarios:


  1. suppose Ryu jumps in Heavy Kick and follows with crouching Heavy Kick. Would the following work and is the following a good strategy:

while ryu jumps in heavy kick do Focus attack, as soon your focus attack connects dash forward and follow up with ex lightning kicks. (the focus attack isnt fully charged, just a quick tap). In practise mode it worked, but online it didnt. So if this idea is totally retarded I will stop practising it.

2) normally when Ryu is spamming shoryukens I usually block and then just do a plain vanilla grab/throw. My first question is…what is a better way to punish Ryu for missing his shoryuken? Second question is…would blocking shoryuken, focus attack, immediately dash + ex-lightning kick work well?

When to use FA
3) I know the focus attack dash is usually used to setup ultras. But when I watch videos of people play they always seems to be charging up their FA without any reason and then dashing out. Why would you do that? What is the main purpose of FA besides setting up ultras/supers.


focus attacks as anti airs are only really good against people who arent very good at the game. its not hard for them to mash a second hit before you got anything.

dont waste ex legs on bad shoryukens. youll get a lot of them and honestly theres much better options.
heres a few examples:
(f=fierce, m= medium, l = light… sorry its just the way i do it)

  1. on landing do cr. fp and piano fk,mk,lk,mk,fk then mkmkmkmkmk this is a nice punish and its a very reliable super setup if the need is there.
  2. if youre quick enough you can potentially do chuns target combo then stomp, if hes landing you can potentially do the target, cr fp m.SBK
  3. fierce punch, followed by another, followed by another, followed…well you get the idea. youd be surprised how much this works, and how fast they get stunned.

i usually use focus attacks as a way to get passed fireballs, baiting and parrying (though theyre not that good for that but whatever)
the best use for focus attacks are defensive strategy or mind games. when people play against chun they do a lot of FA in the hopes that you will throw out a poorly timed hazanshu. if youre one of the chun li players who does not spam them they are in an uphill battle, unless they change their strategy

thank you for your response. I didnot understand your first anti-shoryuken comment:

  1. “cr. fp and piano fk,mk,lk,mk,fk then mkmkmkmkmk”
    (piano is that when you tap all buttons after each other like playing a piano right?)
    What is supposed to come out? when i do this in training mode only the first cr.fp comes out. the “fk, mk, lk, mk, fk” piano doesn’t work. Probably my timing is wrong, but…what am I supposed to see on screen? are all those kicks supposed to come out?

And all those mkmkmkmkmk after the piano…is that the lightning kick 2x after each other?

thanks again for your help. btw I tried suggestion 2 the target combo a few times. Sometimes it works…but if i fail I usually eat a second SRK :slight_smile:

Anti-Air: Its ok to use FA to counter people’s jump ins, but the higher in the skill chart you grow, you’ll learn that players rarely fall for that. In fact, if you get into a habit of always doing focus attack during a jump in, players can land and Armor break you, or just throw. Its not reliable. Solution: Learn to anti-air with normals and specials, preferably normals, because they recove a whole lot faster.

Anti-Shoryuken: Anytime a player whiffs a HUGE recovery move, that is the IDEAL time to punish them heavily with a high damage combo, so that they’ll think twice about doing that crap again. An example would be (for me as Cammy) FA crumble > tkcs > cr HP > Crmk > HK Spiral Arrow. For you, its probably best to go for a combo that ends with her fierce punch, but sorry I dont know her movesets. If anything, try to avoid using a throw to punish, but if you ever find yourself forgetting what to do, then throw is acceptable. Just remember how much damage you’re missing out on every time you decide to throw a punishable move instead of combo it.

Using FA: First of all, charging focus attack (for no apparent reason) to me is a mindgame. It gives the impression that I’m still doing SOMETHING even when Im really not. It keeps the enemy on their toes because it never leaves them comfortable enough to try anything stupid, because of fear of the FA. In some cases, I use it to build Revenge Gauge, bait obvious mashers’ moves, and well, because it looks cool. :smiley: Other than that, FA should be used to counter moves, pass through projectiles safely, absorb attacks that can’t break your armor, and overall crumble for higher combos.

whiffing focus attacks, along with just doing hadoken with lk such that nothing comes out, is just “white noise”. It can be meant to confuse you and disguise what you are really doing. It can be done to make you jump when they want your to jump or just keep you in place and second guess yourself. Sort of like a Payton Manning doing all those hand signals. Some are actually something, some are just distractors.

d/f short beats his jump roundhouse clean. Use far standing RH if you see the jump coming to tag him out of the air from long range.

for DP punishes - if its a jab DP sweep him any other DP either A) cr.Fierce xx RH legs -> forward legs -> cr.short xx ex legs or if you are good at links follow the forward legs with a sweep. B)this punish is much easier but dosent do anywhere near the same stun cr.fp xx forward sbk. C) If you are sitting on a stocked u2 close st.rh xx ex legs, u2.

use of FA. 1)as a pressure tool she is one of the few characters that actually has advantage off a blocked FA so this is useful. 2) If he is dumb enough to regular fireball in your focus range. 3) focus absorb and backdash long range jump ins if you cant react with an anti-air (Be careful of anti backdash option selects). People will charge FA and dash out to bait an armor break move.

thanks a lot for the suggestions. I will practice some of the suggested combos to follow up the whiffed dragon punch.

I am a Chun player, so I’ll see what I can add to this:

Crouching MP is a fantastic anti-air against Shoto characters like Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and a handful of other cast members as well. If you learn the timing for it, it can really frustrate some players with how good it is at keeping them out. Standing MK works as well but sometimes can trade.

I don’t recommend dashing forward after focus absorbing a jump-in, and here is my simplest explanation without getting into frame data or anything: when you are dashing, you can’t do anything, and in the time during your dash, your opponent has already landed and is capable of doing something, plus since you dashed forward you are getting closer to them. That’s a lot of things you don’t want.

As for punishing Shoryuken, don’t bother with the focus attack, just do a bread and butter cr.LK > cr.LK > EX Legs. Your choice for punishment might change over time as you learn more combos and your execution gets better, but for now I think that’s the most reliable punisher for you.

If you don’t have meter or want to broaden your horizons, cr.HP xx MK SBK can be a good choice if you’re close enough. Cr.LP > cr.LP (>cr.LP) > f.HP is a good meterless combo but requires good execution. Cr.HP xx HK Legs xx MK Legs is also a great combo but also requires pretty good execution.

The Focus Attack is also not necessarily for setting up Ultras - in fact, it’s generally a pretty poor way to setup an Ultra because the game scales down damage more heavily if you are combo’ing off a Focus Attack.

The Focus Attack is a great way to change the momentum of the game. It absorbs a hit (except armor-breaks and throws), which still adds to your Ultra meter, plus it allows you to slowly regenerate the damage you take from the attack you just absorbed. Use it to absorb fireballs and other attacks with long recovery like sweeps.

If you start charging your Focus Attack within Sweep range of your opponent (but out of range for them to do much else) you can apply pressure to them. They have to do something, because if they don’t, you can fully charge to Level 3 and crumple them. For example, if they keep walking forward, try to hit them with it and then backdash out of it - this will leave you safe if it was blocked, but still give you time to hit them with something else if it hit.

It’s very situational, and a lot of people do different things when you start charging Focus in front of them. The main thing to keep in mind is to remember what they did, and if you start noticing a pattern, figure out what you can do to punish them for it.